MUSIC: Marcelo - Scam (Prd. Nomeo Music)

Marcelo - Scam

Idih Marcelo Matthew, popularly known as Marcelo da Vinci, was born in Lagos, Nigeria on November 16. He started to make music as a kid in his hood (Ajegunle). In his early days, alongside his cool hood dudes, formed a group called “Da’Angels” in Ajegunle area in Lagos. This group was dissolved in 2007 due to the lack of sponsorship. Marcelo went underground for a while but kept on writing songs for himself, other people, and also doing professional backup singing for numerous artistes. Due to his love for music, he trained himself to become a versatile artist, a spirit that he has kept alive. In 2015, he decided to revive his career as a solo artiste. He has been dating music since he was a kid. NOMEO MUSIC has just signed him and dares to say that the whole world should watch out as Marcello sets out to transit from GRASS to GRACE.
The success story of Marcelo has just begun.

Nnenna, Ranka Dede, One hit cover, Cheerleader (cover), More than words (cover) 

Here is something fresh from Marcelo, it is titled “SCAM (Ezinne)”

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