DEMOCRACY IS DEAD IN NIGERIA - Nathan Simeon (YTO Media Director) .

Nathan Simeon
Comrade Nathan Simeon
Following the just concluded gubernatorial election in Ekiti State which was a litmus test for the 2019 general election, the National Media Director of Youth Take Over 2019, Nathan Simeon said Nigeria has been piloted from democracy to autocracy. 

As posted by him on his Facebook wall, he wrote; "After #EkitiDecide yesterday many Nigerian youths became discouraged as they feel their PVC is impertinent and cannot change the situation of Nigeria due to rigging and enforced political powers. 

I will boldly say that the Election in Ekiti wasn't a free and fair election following the video footage of the N5,000 - N7,000 bribe given to voters from the two power drunken political party (APC & PDP). I don't blame those people collecting the bribe at all, some of them haven't collected salaries for the past 7months and need to survive, but how long will they continue to dwell in financial slavery??? Oga FAYOSE, you cannot impose a leader on the people of Ekiti are they your house boys/girls? And ELEKA you couldn't even pull a stunt? You made it obvious to Ekiti people that you are a bondman to FAYOSE, shame on you!

Oh Nigeria how did you get here? Rise up Nigerian youths and save your future!
Get involved in politics
Run for House of Reps
Run for Senate
Run for Presidency
Embody unity, transparency and see yourselves as One Nigeria.

Congratulations FAYEMI on your victory as the acting governor of Ekiti state but you are not a Democrat and that election was held on an adulterated foundation.."

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