Nigeria @ 58 : There is Nothing to Celebrate! Leader, Youth Takeover Movement, Comrade Gabriel Ashibi Slams FG

As the nation prepares to celebrate 58 years of its existence after independence in 1960, the National Coordinator of Youth Takeover, Comr. Gabriel Ashibi has slammed the government to put all activities on low key as there is visibly nothing to celebrate.

According to him, successive governments have failed to build the Nation in peace unity and prosperity. Rather they have consistently ruled with impunity, recklessness, wanton corruption, nepotism and gross irresponsibility leading to anarchy, hopelessness and acrimonious poverty.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja on Friday, Comrade Ashibi lamented over the state of the Nation as he mentioned some of the countries such as UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc. that were looking up to Nigeria in its early years of independence but are high flyers in the world stage today while Nigeria is still grappling with failing infrastructures, weak institutions, uncontrollable security issues, hunger, poverty and being touted as the Nation with the highest number of poor people in the world.
There is nothing to celebrate, look at the state of our roads, epileptic power issues,our children are scattered across the world searching for greener pastures while Nigeria has over 70 million hectares of arable land yet untapped. How can an oil producing nation be importing petroleum in this 21st century. He added.
All the indices that shows a nation has a future are not visible in the present Nigerian equation. The elite are getting richer while the masses are left hopeless and underdeveloped.
Comrade Ashibi calls for a sober reflection on the Nigerian project instead of celebration as he feels that the Nigerian dream is not yet defined let alone achieved.  It is time to wake up and build a new Nigeria where equity, justice, fairplay and true brotherhood will be enthroned. That is when all Nigerians irrespective of language or status will join in the celebration. He opined.

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