Dr Franklin Erepamo Speaks On Challenges Facing Bayelsa State .

Dr Franklin Erepamo Speaks On Challenges Facing Bayelsa State .

One of the leading governorship aspirants for the governorship election in Bayelsa state , Dr Franklin Erepamo Osaisai  said the best way to tackle the issues of insecurity in the state is to allow strong partnership between the state and the federal Government to provide needed resources .

Dr Franklin Erepamo made this known today while  he  was speaking  in one of the  radio  stations  , Voice of Niger Delta , in Yenagoa , Bayelsa State .He said if Federal Government can provide needed fund to assist the state on insecurity , then the state government will be able to tackle issues of insecurity significantly .

Speaking on infrastructures , the PDP governorship aspirant said Bayelsa State , which was created in October 1st 1996 ,has good road network but the state government must partner with the oil companies in the region to make use of the flare gas to generate their own electricity instead of waiting for Port Harcourt  electricity distribution company .

According to him , he said Bayelsa people can have good health  insurance scheme with the best physical infrastructure with full complement of staff , Doctors , nurses and so on .

On drainage , Dr Franklin Erepamo said something must be done to have a good drainage system to avoid unwanted disaster . The former commissioner , noted that ecological fund from the federal government must be made available to the state government to assist them when necessary .

The governorship aspirant opined that community policing  should be encouraged to complement the efforts of state police in order to combat crime .

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