Empower Our Youths To Stop Kidnapping _---- King Godwill Ogirinya .

 His Royal Majesty , king Dr Godwill Ogiriya , the Amasara 1 , had called on Federal Government to please help the youths in the nine Niger States  by empowering them so as to stop kidnapping which has become normal business in the region . 

The Amasara 1 , made this known with the newsmen on Sunday  in Ogbia , Elebele , in Bayelsa State . 

He said the youths in the area are not lazy and they are eager to work but the problem confronting them here is that there is no work . 

According to him " some of the these kidnappers in the region are also willing to quit but no work  and the state governors pretend as if nothing happen . " he said .

It will be recalled that King Dr Goodwill Ogirinya , the Amasara 1 , is the king of youths in the nine Niger States and also the head of all the militants  in the area . Also on party level , the Amasara 1 , remained the only APC leader in the region but it appears APC government abandoned them .

He therefore appealed to APC government to please come to their aid by empowering the youths to arrest kidnapping and other societal vices which has been the major problem confronting the region .

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