Iran Writes Nigeria Government Over El-zakyzaky .

The Iranian government has written to the Nigerian judiciary to release leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) Ibrahim Elzakzaky.

Elzakazky has been in detention since 2015 with members of the body called Shiites protesting for his release.

In a letter recently, Iran’s Prosecutor General Mohammad Montazeri in the letter, called urged Nigeria to release the detained Islamic leader to the country for medical attention.

The Shiite leader’s health is said to have deteriorated with Montazeri condenming the treatment meted out to him.

“…I, as the prosecutor general of the Islamic Republic of Iran, urge the Nigerian judicial authorities (to take steps) in line with their judicial independence and support for a captive citizen, and provide the ground for his release and transfer him to the Islamic Republic of Iran for treatment,” he said

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