What Will Happen to Seyi Makinde , Dapo Abiodun and Sanwolu Babajide in the Days to Come .

I hardly attend ceremonies, because I am an indoors person, but many years ago, in the city of Ibadan, where I hail from, I attended a wedding ceremony. It was what you call—a society wedding ceremony. Through-out my stay at the venue, where the wedding ceremony did take place, one name was on all our lips—the bride’s name. It was her day and how she was gorgeously dressed did confirm it. It would be an attempt in futility for anyone to try to reign on her parade.

After we were fed and our belies were filled to the brim as folks would fill water-pots, we all left for our different homes and the groom and bride too left for where their honeymoon would take place. After their honeymoon period, realities of marriage started dawning on them. It was the wife’s parents that the husband had problems with and after a few weeks, the wife also stepped on the husband’s parents’ toes. The bride, who was celebrated up to the top of Mount Everest, a few days ago, started having issues with virtually everyone who once celebrated her on their wedding day. Such they say is life.

I said all that in order to say this: the most celebrated governors-elect in Nigeria today are Seyi Makinde (we attended same secondary school), Dapo Abiodun, Babajide Sanwo-Olu. The day they were declared winners of gubernatorial elections in their respective states, they were treated like new and fresh brides. Their names were on the lips of everyone in Nigeria and everywhere Nigerians are on earth. It was their day in Nigeria, probably because of some many hurdles they needed to cross before becoming governors-elect.

After winning in both Ogun and Oyo states, Seyi Makinde and Dapo Abiodun began to travel to some key places, thanking those who supported them and also building new alliances. This is not bad. It is so good for politics, but I like to point the attention of the trio of Sanwo, Makinde and Abiodun to a few avoidable-issues, because they need to quickly learn from the pitfalls of those who are before them. Remember, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat the avoidable mistakes of the past.

Immediately Dapo, Babajide and Seyi are sworn in, in the month of May, 2019, their honeymoon period would fizzle out and if they are not astute and judicious enough, they would start stepping on some big political-toes. I remember when all the three governors before these new ones newly became governors of their respective states, they were all treated like new brides, but after a while, ambition took the place of vision and one by one, they all fell out of favor with those who once loved them as a man would love his newly wedded wife. You know in politics, affection turns to revulsion when selfish political-interests clash as Hulk Hogan would clash with the Ultimate Warrior in those days. Same thing would happen to the mentioned three (3) governors-elect if they do not learn from what happened to the three (3) governors before them.

Once governors begin to think that they are superior to those who voted them into power, honor usually runs away from them while dishonor runs towards them. Seyi, Dapo and Sanwo will have problems in the days to come when they also make the mistake of not listening to the people of their varied states. To having smooth rides in power, they would need to consistently bond with the people, by holding monthly town-hall meetings with them. And town-hall meetings are not just to be held with them, town-hall meetings must lead to problem solving for the people.

Also, governors are not superior to traditional leaders. They are closer to the people than governors. And they are custodians of people’s varied traditions and cultures. Once you are rude to them, the people of your respective states would turn their back against you. Remember, they are going to be on their varied thrones for as long as they breathe, but you are only going to be in power for either four (4)  or eight (8) years. Also, they were in power before you became governors-elect and long after you are gone, they would still be in power, if they are alive.

I am of the opinion that Dapo and Seyi are going to have a rough-ride in power, because of the number of those who came together to ensure that they won the last gubernatorial election. How they are going to satisfy all of them without offending them will require a very high level of wisdom, diplomacy and patience. The reason those people came together to ensure that they won was not because of the people of Ogun and Oyo states, it was first because of their selfish reasons. The only class of people that—governor-elect Babajide Sanwo would need to please will be his own core-party people. If he messes with them, even his deputy will vote against him when the time comes.

Also, do not become overly ambitious and greedy. You do not need to take over the covers of your state to swim in high-finances. With the way your varied states are structured, you would still make so much money without mopping the legitimate monies that are supposed to go to folks under your leadership, because you are going to need them in the days to come. Make sure you give contracts to the common man. When governors double as contractors, there shall definitely be crisis in the days to come.

Lastly, if Seyi, Dapo and Babajide will put into practice what I have briefly touched on, in this piece, their honeymoon period will last beyond eight (8) years!

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