Bayelsa State At a Glance : The Footprints of the Man with the Conversance of Leadership .

The Footprints of the Man with the conversance of Leadership.                  

From the REVOLUTIONARY manner in which His Excellency RT HON BARR Henry Seriake Dickson, Governor of Bayelsa State has unprecedentedly impacted the good People of Bayelsa and indeed the entire IJAW NATION Worldwide with PEOPLE-ORIENTED PROJECTS, Services, programms and Policies that have brought about Socioeconomically and Politically turnaround ( a totally transformed BAYELSA STATE), it leaves no one in doubt that "THIS RARE GEM" the "COUNTRY MAN RESTORATION" Governor has through selfless service, patriotism, humility and above all, STATESMANSHIP written his echoeing name in the eraserable sands of history in NIGERIA in particular and AFRICA in general. 

Interestingly, it has gotten to the appreciable level that every sitting and aspiring Governor now references Governor Seriake Dickson Leadership model as a yardstick and perimeter for campaign, measuring good governance and delivery of democratic or democracy devidence to the populace across NIGERIA. 

Expectedly, the best performing Governor today in NIGERIA, His Excellency Governor Seriake Dickson has brought in apprehension and mind bugging anxiety amongst those contending to put their Feet in the already widened Shoes of governance in Bayelsa, setting a pace that obviously would be so herculean a task to surpass by mere imagination of any sort. 

Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State has really proven a very difficult point that yes ," with commitment, dedication, resilience,courage and above all, fear of GOD ALMIGHTY, serving humanity is one of the greatest and pleasant adventure to embark on through the pressing journey of life. Revolutionarily ,there's no Community, Clan or Kindred or village in Bayelsa State as at today that has not witnessed, not being visited or provided with one major "Life changing" impactful and Peopleoriented infrastructure or the other, ranging from Tertiary, Secondary down to primary Health Care delivery (Governor Seriake Dickson has drastically reduced the usually alarming infant/mortality rate to nothing less than sixty percent, Education, Power, aggressive youth employment and empowerment (which is key), ROAD AND HOUSING infrastructure, payment of workers salaries and pensioners pension and gratuity as at when due are the embodiment of Governor Dickson's Restoration delivery. 

Governor Dickson's unique and perculiar way of endearing himself to everyone's heart has made it possible for the bearable reduction of crime and other forms of criminality within Bayelsa, making the state, no doubt one of the safest States in NIGERIA and Africa for investment and investors destination. Deservingly, most well-meaning NIGERIAS have envisaged that really Bayelsa State is quite a handful of what could be used to measure the endowed leadership and mentorship skills and charisma of this most detribalised NIGERIAN of our time, His Excellency RT HON BARR Henry Seriake Dickson, Governor of Bayelsa State of NIGERIA.

 Indeed , Governor Seriake Dickson remains the most valuable asset and discovery of this present generation's immeasurable and unquantifiable administrative, leadership and mentorship skills and qualities yet untapped to the GLORY OF GOD ALMIGHTY. Our prayer is that may GOD ALMIGHTY continue to bless, protect and strengthen this selfless and unassuming patriot of our time, His Excellency RT HON BARR Henry Seriake Dickson Governor of Bayelsa State of NIGERIA. More WISDOM and STRENGTH Your Excellency. Comrade Franklyne Maduabuchi Edede (GCONY) aka CAPACITY (an Activist cum Journalist) writes from Yenagua , the Bayelsa State Capital.

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