Clergy warns on diminishing value system.

By Bode Durojaiye.

A retired clergy, ArchBishop Ayo  Ladigbolu , has asserted that until educational opportunities are provided uniformly for all children in the country, it will be difficult to ensure that all Nigerians subscribe to the same system reward and  penalty, share the same vision for the future  of the country, and prepared to work together for the realization of their vision.

Speaking exclusively with Bode  Durojaiye in Oyo  town,  he warned  that if the future of the Nigerian society is to be salvaged, urgent  solutions must be found to diminiship value system.

“The country is repleted with all sorts of degradation ranging from kidnapping, corruption, injustice, kidnapping, rosaries, and religious violence.  Besides, leaders exhibit corrupt and selfish lifestyles, as they failed  to inspire in the young ones need to live a life of righteousness.  Rather, they have been sources of scandals for the future leaders”..

He lamented that Youth corpers in the  South are afraid to be posted to North due to prevalent massacres in the  name of religion, this creating mutual mistrust and disharmony in the country, 

According to him, “what  can be done to bring this country together? A situation were citizens of a particular zone are agreed to leave together with  other citizens in the other zones of the same country portends grade danger for the future of that country”

Ladigbolu advocated spiritual orientation for members of the states and National Assemblies.

This, he pointed out would not only revive them to be more alive to their responsibilities, but check acts antithetical  to genuine democratic governance usually associated  with the law makers.

“These include truancy, insensitivity to well being of the teeming populace, and criminal extravagance.  How do you intend to seriously rebrand the country, when these law makers continue to swim in an ocean of ill-gotten wealth. 

" Let every political office holder be placed on the same salary scale with civil servants, and see whether this criminal extravagance will continue.  It cannot engender corruption, but rather make politics less attractive, as people now see politics as quick avenue to get easy money, through treasury looting”, ArchBishop Ladigbolu stressed.

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