Life Vice President of the Nigerian Chambers of Commerce,Industry,Mines and Agriculture,Chief (Dr)Adebowale Omotoso,has advocated an agricultural revolution that will bring into play a careful combination of resources and other inputs for efficient and maximum production.

Speaking at a forum today in Oyo town, Chief Omotoso noted that the potential for agricultural production in Nigeria exists,but inabilIty to fully tap potentials is indicative that there is a structural defect within the production system.

"Hence,a structural transformation of our agricultural economy requires urgent attention,if the country is to meet her future food and fibre requirements.In this endaviour,our small-scale farmers who are still the linchpin of our agricultural development and are likely to remain so for the foreseable future,should form the central focus".

He stated that today,the county  is alarmed by the situation in towns and cities,as people struggle for services and facilities that are inadequate to support decent living,while the able-bodied young men and women continued to drift steadily from rural to urban areas in search of a dream world,leaving behind them an ageing farm labour force.

Lamenting on the hindrances posed by the Land Used Act,as enshrined in the 1979 constitution,to self sufficiency in food productions,the Industrialist said since an important pre-requisite for accelerating development of agriculture is access to land,Governments should continue to make necessary efforts to provide land to all those genuinely willing to contribute to agricultural production efforts.

"In addition,realising that effective administration of land reform programmes call for,among other factors,reliable records of ownership and tenancy,the Federal Government should embark on a comprehensive land record survey.Such survey should be conducted periodically,in order to ensure the maintenance of up to date information on the situation".

Chief Omotoso also called on Local Government to set up model farms in various communities,to teach modern farming methods or techniques to farmers,in order to improve their knowledge about their farm enterprises.As much as possible,farmers themselves should be involved in the running of such farms.

The former Chairman Odu'a Chambers of Commerce Cequally enjoined the Local Governments to rehabilitate existing farm settlements,and establish new ones where necessary in their areas,with a view to mobilising the school drop-outs for effective food production at Local level.

"Local Governments should also be primarily involved in all necessary means of productions,such as extension services,rural feeder roads,small-scale irrigation(fadama)schemes,soil conservation measures,small-scale rural water supply schemes,village animal clinics,crop protection,crop drying,storage and preservation".

Chief Omotoso therefore advised the Local Governments to leave those capital intensive projects such as fertilizer procurement and distribution,tractor hiring and road construction,but to leave them to either the Federal or State Governments.


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