Lawmaker renders stewardship, donates equipments, cash to constituents

 The federal Government has earnarked a sum of N89,300,000 for emergency repairs of Oyo/Iseyin road in Oyo State in the 2020 budget 
A member of the House of Representatives representing  Oyo Federal Constituency, honourable Prince  Akeem Adeniyi Adeyemi (Skimeh) disclosed this at the weeekend at a town hall meeting held at Atiba hall in Oyo town.

At a town hall meeting tagged 'Feed Back's,Adeniyi,  Adeniyii disclosed that a sum of N364,720,000 was earmarked for the dualisaton of Ibadan/Ilorin (section 11),Oyo/Ogbomoso road .

Additional N66, 168,859, he stated was set aside for we emergency repairs of five washout and critical failed section as long Ibadan/Ilorin road, Oyo/Ogbomoso section.

According to him, "N14,168,859 was earnarked for the reinstatement of washout of Ojongbodu/ Eleja village along Iseyin toad, N187,281,581 for the general maintenance of Gbongan/Iwo)Awe/Oyo roads, while as sum of N14, 168, 899 approved for the construction of reinforced concrete walls and reinstatement of critical washout pavement along Oyo/Ogbomoso road."

Hon. Adeniyi who is a son of the Alaafin of Oyo, further hinted that N67,680,000 was set aside for the construction of skills acquisition centre at Akinmoorin town in the Afijio local government area, while  a sum of N120,825,000 made available for the construction of mini sports centres across to the countty, including the ancient town of Oyo.

On the N1.2billlion ecological fund released to Oyo metroplois by the Federal Government last year,  the Federal legislator who said that the funds were being judiciously utilized, enumerated the ongoing projects to include, Boroboro, Oyagbe/School of Science and Koso roads (Atiba); Oloko meje, Odedele besides Nasfat school, Kosobo,  and Olokomeje bridge (Oyo East); Ilora(Afijio); Celestial church area and Obananko two bridges (Oyo West).
Adeniyi said " my vision is to
re-define the ethics of politics and governance that is equal for everyone, thereby establishing a sustainable world for future generations.

‘’This is in recognition of the fact that raising leaders is critical to nation building and wealth creation. I am inspired to equip  women and youths, business owners and social entrepreneurs to lead ethically, while implementing initiatives that transform their communities and organizations for better, as well as sustaining livelihood and contributing to national development’’.

Attributing  the effects of value erosion in the country to wanton poverty and lack of visionary leadership, conflict of interest and democratic responsibility; the lawmaker asserted that ethical behavour is the bedrock of mutual trust.

While advocating proactive and independent lifestyles for the youths,
Adeniyi  pointed out the need for the younger generation to hunger for relevant facts and skills, thereby seeking solutions to the challenges facing the country through enhanced mental capacity.

‘’This is the foundation to any true renaissance. Where after one person in the family is well placed, other people in the family now wait for his largesse to survive. The same attitude is what paralyses our graduates from breaking out to pioneer great things.

"It stops the youth from acting proactively hence he leaves his destiny to chance forgetting that he is the master of his fate and can be a source of inspiration and livelihood to the generations coming after him or her. Our economy will be positively affected when the youths begin to act with the future in mind and having a visionary packaging, the lawmajer as sserted.

Earlier, Chairman of Oyo Metropolitan Development Association, retired Arch Bishop Ayo Ladigbolu, who stressed the imperative of stewardship and accountability for political office Iholders, lauded the federal lawmaker for what he described as a 'his (lawnaker) pragmatism, proactiveness and visionary instincts'.

Highlights of the event  which was attended by Representatives of  communities, traders, Artisans,  and religious leaders, included donations of cash to a cross section of over four hundred individuals,political groups, communities, traders, religious, as we sell as non Yoruba ethnic groups ( Hausa,Fulani,Igbo,, Benue) among others.

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