Need for stern measures against character assassinations, inflammatory utterances by politicians during campaigns stressed------ opinion poll

"language, to a great extent, makes human existence worthwhile or chaotic".
The youth involvement in political violence becomes a counterweight to democratic development as it continues to undermine the essence of democracy in the Nigerian continent.

This continue to reinforce and sustain the dominance of the aged in the political sphere as the youth take the position of mafias and
mechanism for the execution of the inordinate ambitions of the in
articulate old men in the system.

It also, continues to create tense and terror in the political atmosphere of the country thereby discouraging women and other
legitimate electorates from participating in political activities.

The chronic nature of political violence and the misconception of
democracy lie on the youths involvement in political violence.

Similarly, language use in interpersonal relationship is like a
double- edged sword.

 It can be used to destroy as well as be used to mend.

National security is not only threatened by political exclusion,
economic marginalization and social discrimination, but also by
ineffective, inappropriate language use.

 Language, to a great extent, makes human existence worthwhile or chaotic.

 It as a major factor in national security because the terms are
themselves expressed in English language which is the nation‟s lingua franca.

Most perpetrators of crisis in Nigeria have usually done it through
this language communication and some have tried to calm the situation through appropriate use.

While ineffective, inappropriate language use, especially in the
social media, is a major cause of conflict or insecurity.

Some Nigerians who spoke with BODE DUROJAIYE, during an opinion poll conducted in Oyo, Ogbomoso, and Oke ogun areas of Oyo State saidt the principles of democracy demonstrate for a peaceful atmosphere and moreover, the inclusion of younger generation for its reinforcement.

According to them, " in the Nigerian context such is not the case
as the sure and shortest way to ascend to power is by threat of
violence by disgruntled and self centred politicians and office

 ‘’It is difficult to fathom how democracy will survive in the present situation in where youths are given the position of thugs. This is due to the fact that while the political violence (sustained by the
youths) will continue to militarize and criminalize politics, the
continued domination of political sphere by the aged will be
reinforcing authoritarianism under the umbrella of democracy’’.

They urged politicians  to do away with personality cults, engage in issues-based campaigns, eschew hate, vulgar speeches and character assassinations, as well as support the interest of those candidates who will abide by the dictates of the
party and recognise that they owe their mandates in trust for

‘’There is therefore urgent need for correctness of some inciting,
unguarded, and inflammatory statements by some misguided politicians during electioneering campaigns. It is unfortunate to note
inflammatory, absurd and vulgar write ups and comments on social media by these uncultured politicians’’.

They further asserted that, ‘’unless and until this category of
these politicians and their allies are made to know that they have had
enough of their disgusting comments and fabrications in the social media "capable of undermining nationality, and that it must be stopped, they will continue with their subversive acts that will only end up causing disaffection and unwarranted violence and bloodlettings’’.

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