Provost FCE ( special) Oyo: an Administrator par excellence--- Alaafin

Reputation, according to sociologists, is the sum of all our actions that is reflected by the people around us in the way they treat us or interact with us. 

It is an indirect result of anything and everything that we do. Successful people have always stressed on the building and maintaining of reputation as a fundamental ingredient to success. 

It is common knowledge that reputation, like all good things, takes a long time to build and almost no time to lose 

The basic idea behind reputation is somewhat similar to the idea of reward and punishment. If you do good things, if you do good things, youkeep your word and if you are a man of good character, will, and conscience, you will have a good reputation and vice versa. 

Good reputation is an obvious and quick way to know what kind of a person you are dealing with. 

The essence of reputation is in the fact that it has such a vast scope and universal applicability.

Against this backgroubd, the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba ( Dr. )  Lamidi Olayiwola ADEYEMI 111, has lauded the Provost of the Federal College of Education ( special/ Oyo, Professor Usman Olayiwola, for what he described as "his resilience,  unrepentant commitment, dedication, diligence and selflessness for the well being of both the staff and students, and overall development of the institution.

Alaafin made the commendation when the Provost of the College led a team from the Accountant General of the Federation's office, the Presidency, and the National Commission for Colleges of Education who were in the college for national  integrated pay roll system, on a courtesy visit to his Imperial Majesty.

According to the Paramount Ruler, "the  first step to establishing one among those around you is to give people reasons to trust you. “You have to really think in terms of another person’s interests and how they act. It  makes other people feel important—that they’re not just a piece of dirt that you can just walk over and discard. In terms of a business environment and corporate leadership, it would be helping people be successful. That really builds trust."


 A second pillar of strong reputation is to show those around you that you care—care about the task at hand and care about those you’re working with. 

“Sincerely and honestly listening to people really tells somebody a lot. That shows people that you care but it also gives you information that, if you’re a leader in an institution, really is very helpful about what is happening. It tells you the other person’s point of view, and if you can address that, it communicates to the other person that you care.”

Professor Olayiwola "epitomises the aforementioned attributes. He is as bridge builder, redoubtable Administrator, and an intellectual pundit whose antecedents and precedents are not only intimidating but remain a fulcrum for upcoming public office holders and Administrators. I am proud of you and so the entire people of Oyo. You turned the College from it would have been a  rubble to a veritable citadel of learning for both people with special needs and to he able bodied. Please, keep up the good work".

Oba Adeyemi therefore urged public office holders  to always remember that "cultivating a good reputation does not mean being nice to everyone all the time and painting one’s self as a friend to all. There are times for firmness. “It is in fact good to have a reputation for holding people accountable".

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