All over the world, there are laws, regulations and modus operandi that direct and guide operations and existential settings. Basically, it could be government or social, cultural and even informal settings. The partners and authorities of those settings strive to ensure those laws are abided by(even where there is no forces to effect their compliance).

While laws are sacred and powerful, Opinions on the other hand are free. In any case, opinions are subject to personal bias and perspectives, no matter our political reservations. while we accelerate the purpose and discuss the state of our national affairs, it must be void of sentimental notions and greedy reservations that are tantamount to global abuse and universal ridicule.

The recent agitation of "revolution" in the country by AAC presidential candidate in the last general election, Mr Omoyele Sowore is obviously a discuss of national interest. This, supposedly should honestly be fought with full force by all Nigerian people and of course global partners in all democratic settings. However, the hate, insincerity and mixture of sentiment with national matters has deprived many the opportunity to be impartial and genuinely outspoken with rational facts.

The body language of the person of Omoyele Sowore and his co-travellers has shown the public and indeed global observers that his desire and proposed actions were defined and  meant the original meaning of the word  "revolution". Revolution means a  forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system. On the other end, a protest is an organized public demonstration expressing strong objection to an official policy or course of action. Omoyele Sowore's public appearances and utterances do not misconstrue our beliefs that he actually wants to "bundle Buhari out of Aso Rock" by the  initiation and execution of revolutionary moves as it is apt to be truly interpreted.

The national secretariat of Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front(BOSF) haven keenly observe the status of the events, inwardly and subjected it to critical examination, and we conclude that the Nigerian government led President Muhammadu Buhari has done the right and most sane thing any government in the world will do on whoever or any institution that threatens the sovereignity of the land it governs.

Everywhere in the world, citizens are expected to be civil and responsible, law abiding, and display the highest sense of composure in obedience to the nation and the governance structure. The strength of the citizens against government or administrators is to be law abiding, act within the ambit of the law and not disobey the law in effecting any needed desire or addressing dissatisfactions.

The act of revolution, just like cessation from the country is utterly unjustified as ignorance or misconception of intentions. It is unlawful and insult the collective intelligence of Nigerians and our constitution.

Omoyele Sowore attempted to lead a revolution against the sovereign state of Federal Republic of Nigeria,  his abusive and insulting intentions toward the people of the country whose votes he recently  sought to lead as President exposes the true character of his person and indeed the reason he was unanimously  rejected by the electorate of the country. It is a mistake for any person or group of persons to assume the government is not responsible and for that reason attempt to misbehave and disobey the laws of the country.

No country in the world in recent and old times has ever had a successful and peaceful taking over of government either by the military or the civilian agitators. The sad and regrettable events of Syria, Libya and Yemen are still fresh in our minds and have not been consumed by the congested and voluminous nature of history. Those states live in palpable fear, distress and displeasure, which we do not pray or wish for Nigeria.

The BOSF urges Nigerians to be wary and distance themselves from few greedy individuals who claim to be messiahs and "gods" in our country. They resort to exhibit tactless drama and argue issues of zero substance, this in the aim of seeking undue  relevance and cause unrest in the Nigerian community.

Nigerians should leverage on the available opportunities we have, to make the best of what we have, in good spirit of compassion and solidarity with the nation. We should appreciate good spirit, goodwill and the great minds taking us to the Nigeria of our dreams. BOSF believes this and we do appreciate it, the result of 2019 poll nationwide proves this.

Nigerians are mindful and not forgetful of where this country was prior 2015 before President Muhammadu Buhari and Prof Yemi Osinbajo APC government came on board. Then, virtually nothing works in Nigeria, and her people good but hoodwinked into believing all is well with the treasury and commonwealth so the same people being emptied into private pockets of a few. This cumulatively in addition to the creating and arming of warlords by past governments weakened national security and encouraged  insurgency at its highest form, it shattered the already poor state of education in many parts of the country , while  healthcare, infrastructure, housing, worker's welfare were all neglected and corruption was at its greatest peak.

At this point, it is worthy of note that, the APC governments in the states held by them and being the opposition party did not lead or initiate any form of revolution against the sitting government. This is clear, because it understood and still exhibits a high level of understanding of the principles and laws that guide the country. The All Progressive Congress however stood as a responsible, strong and responsive opposition that challenged every wrong government decision of the then governments and policies that were anti-masses in nature. The then General Muhammadu Buhari and some other APC stalwarts only led a protest and solidarity walk then to express her discontentment on how the nation affairs were being runned. President Muhammadu Buhari or the APC never called for revolution or anything close to it.

President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC government believed and still believes the only mature and ideal way to position a working state and make its wish for Nigerian people a reality is to go to the ballot, and it did, after convincing Nigerians that the then government had failed in the discharge of its duties. Nigerians responded by voting President Buhari in. BOSF identifies that as an intellectual and civilised revolution, because we believe with the rest if the civilised world that true revolution is in the ballot.

As the 44th president of the United States of America, President Barack Obama noted, "civility is on the ballot. Justice is in the ballot. Equality is in the ballot. Democracy is in the ballot.". Anyone who is a democrat, lover and respecter of Nigerians can only serve them by convincing them to bestow their votes on his person. This is what President Muhammadu Buhari did, this is what every rational Nigerian should resolve to doing.

The act of revolution is a treasonable felony according to our law. The government can not keep quiet and watch a free flaunting of activities in abuse of that law. 
Some unpatriotic emotions as a result of our constitutional differences  do not make us look mean in any sense or deface us. Laws are laws, and it must be obeyed by every Nigerian and inhabitants. To this end, it is only a notably, responsible government that will keep its affairs of national security strong and paramount and protect the same from aggression within and without.

This present government led President Muhammadu Buhari has been doing everything humanly possible to accommodate varieties of differences, yet  respecting the human rights of every Nigerian. This does not interpret that these rights do not have limitations. The constitution that accommodate Nigerians similarly give restrictions in the same manner so that the constitution is not abused.

The government understands and welcomes all protests with constructive criticism. These to keep the government on its toes in its discharge of her duties.

On numerous occasions, disbelievers of this government and groups have led protests and public rallies to call the government attention to their agitations or demands as the case may be. On those occasions, the government never ordered an assault on their persons nor did it attempt to infringe on their right to public demonstration and gatherings, it however provided security to contain the processions and disallow miscreants from hijacking it. The government similarly listened and responded to those demands in the best of forms. This is democracy, expected in an advanced and ideal society like Nigeria.

Quite essentially, the President Muhammadu Buhari government accords due respect to public gathering and right to free speech. The event of Omoyele Sowore arrest should not be attached to abuse of such rights, as it is different in every perspective. He, publicly challenged the government, called for revolution, abusing and daring its power. The government  then is left with no other option than to hold him responsible and accountable for his actions.

Nigerians and global sympathisers must understand that our laws are sovereign and supreme. They are binding on every person within the context of Nigeria. Our laws do not exempt or give freewill to any person of any calibre to abuse it, Nigerians are equal before the law and Omoyele Sowore is not an exemption.

Similarly in respect of that law, Omoyele Sowore is permitted to seek the help of legal solicitors (as much as possible) to speak in his defense in the court of law when he is tried (which we believe he will do). BOSF urges his apologists to patiently wait for that time and allow the jurists to rule accordingly.

Mean while, it is of utmost importance that BOSF reteriate to the general public and remind them of the innovation that the Nigeria community has witnessed in the last few years under President Muhammadu Buhari and Prof Yemi Osinbajo administration. Our security measures have improved from what it used to be, monumental development and improvement in infrastructure, healthcare, creation of jobs and wealth for Nigerians, prompt payment of salaries, settling backlogs of debts and arrears, redemption of our international reputation and image, severe fight against corruption and insolence in civil services and lots more. These are what the government is devoting its intellectual resources and the collective resources of this country to do.

The tricks of the opposition is understandable. President Muhammadu Buhari government will not be distracted. It has fought many battles and tussles in that regard and won them, this will pass too.

Any self acclaimed revolutionist should watch to emulate the revolution style of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who stood as opposition for so long, painfully and patiently waited to gain power. He, at no point in time called for revolution. Such kind of commonsense revolution is respected and applaudable in democratic settings and not that of Omoyele Sowore's ill-gotten revolution.

BOSF advises Nigerians to distance themselves from people who goad others to do the wrong thing, to rebel or incite them against the government while standing at distance and keep their family members safe abroad. Nigerians should reject them in total and be discerning.

The Buhari/Osinbajo government will keep to the ideals of rule of law, respect human rights, abide by the dictates of our constitution and act accordingly to ensure it is respected and bound on every Nigerian. BOSF is asking Nigerians  to remain safe and trust that President Muhammadu Buhari and Prof Yemi Osinbajo government will keep them safe.

This government will accelerate its determination to make this nation better and in truest service of fellow countrymen and women.

God bless our collective indomitable will. God bless Nigeria.

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