My Administration Is Committed To Urban Regeneration-Gov.Sanwo-Olu

  Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu visits Lagos Island Sites (Adeniji Adele, Idumagbo, Jankara and others) this early Saturday Morning, in company of Deputy Speaker, Hon Eshinlokun & some Cabinet Members. 

Sanwo-Olu restated his administration's commitment to urban regeneration, saying that Lagos truly needs regeneration especially Lagos Island.

It must be recalled that Governor Sanwo-Olu, during electioneering spoke on the need for urban renewal especially in some communities in Lagos Island. The Governor also said sincerity is the major issue militating against urban redevelopment in the State.

He said: “When you want to take people’s properties and you want to regenerate, they must first see  sincerity of purpose – what are the additional plans that you have for them? Before you could regenerate”

He assured that his administration will need to provide a stop gap for at least two to three years , adding that “ And you need to do what we call proper enumeration”

“Once you can enumerate properly and determine who the original owners of propeties are, and you sit and have an agreement, then the regeneration will start”

He also assured that his administration will workout a proper model before embarking on the project to ensure strong confidence.

“ I have said, the major thing is sincerity of purpose knowing fully well that you are not out to circumvent them or to shortchange them.''
“Once that is put on the table very clearly and transparently, we will get a success of it.”

Speaking on the Governor's visit, the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr. Idris Salako said Lagos Island regeneration plan is an important focal point for urban renewal and (more importantly) urban regeneration (bringing back to life).  It is the heart of Lagos, Isale Eko, the historical centre.

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