Osun Gov's Wife Security Men beat Alaafin Chief Photographer to Coma

Nigeria security agents have again displayed why they are widely regarded as lawless and unprofessional.

Their symbolic assault on members of the media was reproduced yesterday (February 7, 2020) at the coronation ceremony of Oba  Kayode,  as the new Alapomu of Apomu in Osun State, as the Chief Photographer to His Imperial Majesty, the Alaafin of Oyo, Alhaji Ibraheem Bolaji Akewusola, was beaten to a pulp.

About six security men comprising of a mobile police officer and operatives of the Department of State Security ( DSS) attached to wife of the Governor  of Osun State unleshead terror on Alhaji. Akewusola , in the presence of the Paramount Ruler and  wife of the Osun State Governor, Mrs Kafayat Oyekola.

Alhaji Akewusola and the Palace Media Crew were on the entourage of the Alaafin,  to cover the event, but in the middle of the event, the amiable and professional photographer was accosted by the security agents who ceaselessly kicked and slapped him while others hit him with a gun.

 No cogent reason was given for the treatment.

The berserk security men later  left him after he became unconscious.

His camera was later smashed, after which the overzealous security men left with the Governor's wife , probably  for another event.

 Some of the invited guests, including traditional rulers who witnessed the  act of madness exhibited by these trigger happy security men expressed strong indignation.

However, the primary institution of combating security challenges in our nation is the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) which according to the constitution has exclusive jurisdiction to protect lives and property by fighting crime and maintaining law and order. 

But regrettably, of all public institutions whose record of ineptitude is prominent across the country, the Nigeria Police Force remains a customary point of reference.

 An average police officer is perceived more as a merchant of oppression than the protector of law and order.

Sadly, all these unruly acts have witnessed an upward trajectory in recent time.

What we have now are the undesirables in police uniform who are passionate to dispense bullets on innocent citizens. 

The quantum of impunity that exudes in the policing system is capable of instigating civil revolt as such dastardly experiences are becoming unbearable.

 The potent parameters used to assess the proficiency and effectiveness of any police force is to consider its ability to fight crime, resources at its disposal, equipment and apparatus available to it in the discharge of its duties, fewest shots fired by them in a year and fewest persons beaten, shot and killed, strides taken in public protection and its efforts towards the protection of vulnerable persons.

The Nigerian Police Force is in dire need of fundamental reforms where its operational and intelligent structure will be engaged in contemporary discourse. 

Policing is today a multi-faceted phenomenon where the responsibility of the state and the right of citizenry are effectively managed.

 This has brought about an instigating shift from the traditional model of law enforcing to crime preventing and community safety in order to play a key part in the renewal of social democratic level.

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