Oyeto Apologise Over Attack on Alaafin's Chief Photographer;Gives Compensation for Damaged Items

Following attack on the Chief Photographer to the Alaafin of Oyo, Alhaji Ibraheem Bolaji Akewusola, by security men attached to the office of the Osun State Governor's wife, Governor Gboyega Oyetola has described the incident as " disturbing, worrisome and uncalled for ".

He also tendered an apology in a one on one  mobile phone discussion with the monarch's Chief Photographer last Sunday night.

Oyetola who was said to have expressed shock and disbelief on reading about the report in the social media, immediately contacted his wife to find out what actually happened.

The Governor's wife was said to have denied any knowledge about the incident.

The Governor later  contacted one of his aides who is an Oyo indigene, Sheikh Imam Igi Ogun, for the mobile phone number of the victim ( Alaafin Chief Photographer) in order to get in touch for personal discussion.

In spite of his tight schedule, Governor Oyetola personally called the Chief Photographer at night,  to apologise, sympathise, know his state of health and damages incurred in the course of the attack.

While the discussion lasted, the Governor portrayed himself as a rare leader with the milk of human kindness.

The amiable and passionate Governor assured the Alaafin's Chief Photographer that the Mobile Police Officer, whose name was identified as Sunday, would be approriately sanctioned.

The Governor also compensated the Alaafin Chief Photographer for the damaged items.

However, one major achievement of this dynamic Governor is the Economic Summit that ended beforè his first year anniversary in office.

The outcome of that Summit clearly indicated the direction in which Oyetola is leading the state.

For instance, to get 22 industrialists and investors to signal their interests in Osun from within and outside the country; and indeed to have one of them all the way from Canada (in North America) make a commitment of 100 million naira to invest in the mining sector of the state economy is a massive achievement in itself.

However, what should excite us the more, is the potentials for solid and rapid economic growth in Osun, which the summit outcome portends.

Investment is going to pour into this state like we have never seen before, creating job opportunities, transforming the economic landscape into a bubbling hub and making life easier, and business more profitable for all.

Success does not occur in the vacuum. 

First, it takes a vision, then a plan and a successful execution of that plan. Without these elements, success will elude anyone.

So, what seemed like a ‘crawl’ in the first quarter of the first year in office of Gov. Oyetola was actually preparing the grounds for a rocket take-off on a supper sprint to Osun’s economic transformation.

From what is unfolding in the state daily, a picture of the Governor as a calculated, calm revolutionary is emerging. 

His strategic pre-development priorities are telling.

First, he is prioritising health care because he appreciates that only a heathy citizenry can produce a heathy economy.

Already he is about 60 per cent through with refurbishing and/or creating well-resourced and supplied health centres in every ward of the state – there are 332 of them!!

‘Also,  Governor Oyetola is aware that no economy thrives in violent circumstance. He has therefore optimally supplied necessary assets to the security agencies to ensure that Osun remains peaceful – indeed one of the most peaceful states in the country.

The ease of doing business is a gateway to prosperity for any country. Infrastructure must be available and useable, and Oyetola has in the last year ensured this, especially those critical aspects that could impact business transactions.

Besides, welfare of workers has been one of his priorities since he assumed office. 

Their salaries continues to be fully paid and regularly.

Also, sequel to the promise of the Economic Summit, the Governor acted rapidly through Executive Order to create the new Osun Investment and Promotion Agency that will facilitate establishment of businesses by minimising bureaucracy.

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