Bishop David Angel Speaks Volume On The Journey Of Joshua Generation

The Journey of Joshua Generation International Fire Tabernacle is devine and the ministry is based on a prophecy, healing and deliverance; and God has been faithful all the time.

David, the Bishop and the general overseer of Joshua City, said he was born a twins in a Christian family many years back. His mother was a prophetess while the father was a general overseer in apostolic (The Apostlic).

According to Bishop David Angel, his mother had a bridge in delivery. His twin brother was born in the hospital and after fifteen hours of time, he was born in the church. "Because of how the delivery was, the people who were with my mother  started saying that this is a pastor and truly today I found myself in the vineyard.

"I had not wanted to be a pastor. My plan was to be  a businessman who read architectural design in the university, aiming to be a full-time businessman in building industry but God said no.

The general overseer of Joshua Generation City said he has worked in many churches including the Living Faith Church, also know as the Winners' Chapel. "But in 1996 Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church met me and said that I should change my name to David because God told him that I will do more for Him and that was how the journey began. 

"Along the line my daughter had an attack and she died. I ran to God and said to Him, bring back my daughter and I will serve you. God answered my prayer and brought back my daughter. Today, my daughter is a barrister.

The name of the church was given to us at Gwarinpa House Fellowship.  We didn't plan to have a church but as I was praying and blessing the people, they saw the miracles, signs and wonders. They called themselves together and started fellowship, vigil and on Sunday we did a service and a church was born.

There was no official plan of forming a church. I was in a fasting and prayer and God gave me a name after Joshua in the Bible and said I will be the one taking people to the land. That was how Joshua Generation came about and whoever gets here gets to the land.

Bishop, tell us the challenges you face in the course of this journey.

There were challenges, serious ones,  but my belief is that when God calls you, he backs you up. I was not scared of the challenges because I believed God is there for me. 

Television evangelism is a vision that has come to pass. We have been nurturing this vision for so long and maintaining it because we believe it will take our church to the global world.

Some men of God do not know their call is a global one but with this A1PTV Television Network we will make them actualise their dream globally. A1PTV is targeted at how to groom a church, the body of Christ  from local to global world.  

We offer advertisements at cheaper rates and call on every man of God and the church to come for patronage. We have coverage of 76 countries of the world. 

The Bishop advised President Muhammadu Buhari to integrate with the people at the grassroots and put his hears to the ground to get the right information from the. 

He said there are people within the government deceiving the president,  saying there is different between the people in the Villa and those at the grassroots.

"His government should open a portal or website, where people can drop their opinions."

Speaking on corruption,Bishop David  said "Corruption is not stealing money, rather it is an ideology. 

"Arresting people and locking them up will not change anything. Let us go back to classroom and engage curriculum that will change the meaning of corruption. 

"They are fighting a wrong battle with wrong weapon. I believed that very soon by virtue of what God will do for this country, Nigerians will having the country at heart.

He also said that he believe that there is still leadership lacuna in the country, saying we don't have leaders but rulers.

He advised Nigerians to believe in God and the country,  saying with God all things are possible.

"Nigerians should believe in Nigeria. A dream call Nigeria is real. Without believing in Nigeria we cannot make it.  I believe in the Nigeria project.  I believe in my generation, we will change the narrative of this country."David noted.

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