ENGR A.Ahmed Nahuche Baggs Distinguished Personality Award

It was an historic day in FCT Water Board,as the General Manager Engr. A.A NAHUCHE baggs an Award of honour and A Distinguished Personality of the year.

On the 25th day of March,2020,The New Nigeria Television Channels,an online platform presents an Award of honour to  the General Manager of FCT water board in Abuja. Following the unprecedented achievements recorded in the Water Board under the Leadership of the General Manager,despite the trying time that Nigeria is facing,especially the FCT.

Technical reports shows how committed the administration of FCT Water Board were,to ensuring uninterrupted water supply within the FCT as the nation’s capital. According to the Chairman of TNNTV CHANNELS, Comr. SEUN AKINDE who stated in his speech with the description in the accolades he used on the General Manager and the entire management of FCT Water Board which reads”You are a pacesetter,advocate for Justice,an innovator with vision and Focus “ amongst many beautiful adjectives he qualified the General Manager with.

Meanwhile,Engnr A. Ahmed Nahuche In his response,expressed his profound appreciation and how delighted he was as he appreciated the Leadership and Management of The Media Outfit TNNTV CHANNELS,who founded him worthy as a recipient of the Award of Honour. He stressed in his statement that being recognized for this award,despite all the challenges in the course of discharging his duty;it’s the lord’s doing. He added that sometimes it looks as if they should quit but, because of the encouragement they normally gets from the people keeps the hope alive and often times remains the ginger pill to always getting the jobs done.

He further emphasized on the enormous task on them to sustaining the capital city of Nigeria and by extension, West Africa in efficient service delivery. FCT as it is today,only with collective efforts and very sound professionals that are dedicated in the service delivery and most talented workers and staff which they have got that is making FCT water board growing and of course, yielding the needed results.

The General manager also lamented on lack of Funds as a serious challenge faced by the board which is a key component. As a department of the Government  that work 24 hours in service delivery,unlike other agencies,even NEPA can not be compared with us in term of service Delivery because sometimes electricity goes off for hours,or even days...,of which water can not be interrupted as such in order for people no to be disappointed. As we all know;water is life”

ENGR NAHUCHE heats the nail aloud, that so much Sacrifices has to be paid behind the scene,but because we have being able to build a gangatua relationship with our customers with unique innovation and technology that gets the system running through a dynamic and Digital device located in various units of the FCT.

Residents today, can pay for their water service without any stress across the Federal Capital Territory, aided by the numerous workshops, Sensitization programs both on TV and radio and most significantly, our very explanatory and educative flyers shared to citizens in order to to keep the people updated just to mention but a few. He added.

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