COVID-19:Bighomes Real Estate Distributes Palliative To Nigerians

Today, as Nigerians continue battling with pandemic outbreak and the lockdown situation in country,one of the leading real estate firm in Nigeria  distribute palliatives and relief funds  to Nigerians to reduce the hunger strike within the nation.
Speaking with the leader of the team today 25th of April 2020, Mrs Bertha who works with Bighomes real Estate said that as lockdown continues, there are lot of people that don't know how to feed themselves and some earn from their day to day job which they have not been able to earn anything since the beginning of the lockdown and we are glad  to put smile on the faces of Nigerians by sharing food  and relief funds to people.

Bertha said that they are one of the luxury brand in real estate in nigeria base in Abuja and their aim is to provide shelter for everyone to own their home.

 Mr Oladokun Aremu popularly known as baba legba, one of the beneficiary of Beckons palliative and releaf fund said that Bighomes team are doing a wonderful thing by putting smile on the people face  and also that it is what expected of the federal Government to do as they asked Nigerians to stay at home. 
Bertha urges people to stay home and stay safe as lockdown continue and also advised the private firms to emulate from them to rescue Nigerians during this corona virus outbreak.she noted

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