C.S.P Okuwobi Laments On The Effort Of Nigerian Police Force As They Are Serving The People,But Citizens Are Not Aware

The C.S.P Okuwobi O. Olabisi who is the D.P.O of Ejigbo divisional Headquarter of the Nigeria Police Force in Ejigbo local government area of Lagos state said that the Police are serving the Country and the People are not aware,  because they are concern about their lives only,  while the Police  are the security of the people, their lives as well as their Properties.

 C.S.P Okuwobi  is  a graduate of English Language studied at Olabisi Onabanjo University(OOU) in the year 2000.
Served  as the Nigeria Youth Copper in the year 2001, and joined the Police College in the year 2002 said that the Police are the most misunderstood of all organizations in Nigeria when there is crisis anywhere the police  have to confront it. For instance,  in the case of Corona Virus,  the Police serve as the first fore runner of any report gotten from the people like when there is a gathering  of people participating in an events or not putting on their nose mask,  as well as social distance enforced by the  NCDC. Okuwobi said that Nigerian police will be one on  ground to make sure that the law is been followed,  and people forgetting the risk accomplished with these crisis. 

She said futher,  that in a case  of crime fighting the Police Officers might get killed,  injured etc. The people are not considering these facts and forgetting that the Police also have  Families and Properties as well.
While ending  her point, She said the Police are the most patriotic Organization in the Country.

The D.P.O Ejigbo Nigeria Police Force added that Ejigbo Community has also been supportive in some Logistics like the case  of 7.7 it was a no-place  for them in Ejigbo Community and environs that they have to move out of Ejigbo because the people gave out information ahead and still we caught some boys which were brought to our Custody.

During the Lockdown in Lagos State, there are these cases of 1million boys, but our community was a no-place for them to stand  because  of the information from the people not only in Ejigbo, but also in other places.
As we can see the Police are always on ground.
And the most support we have gotten so far is the construction of our Office place, which we got support from every angles. 

The Royal Majesty of Ejigbo Kingdom supported us wit one thousand  blocks for the building and cements with other materials from other people, and there is  this particular man in the community who was doing a Legitimate business  that came and request for a permit to be the sole person to build the Office place which  worth 7Million Naira  and I wrote a letter to our Able and Competent  CP who has tremendiously  and tiredlessly supporting  my Administation and he approved and the building was erected. 

Now we are  waiting for the commissioning due to covid-19,  which we belief very soon will be commision by the grace of God.

The Chairman of the Local Government has also been a great support to this command, only to mention but few. When we find out that the criminals are operating on a road which our vehicle cannot penetrate,  the Chairman has to supply us with motor-cycle  when we lodge this complain. I also remember how had always used my personal credit to call my boys whenever we had a report from people and we make sure we apprehend  which had now made Ejigbo Community and its environs a no-go Area for the criminals and bad boys, as  it's now a Crime free zone. 

My advice to the people  is to keep co-orperating  with the Police both in our command and other commands as police are your friends. Also to my colleagues is to stay focus, hardworking and passionately serve the Society as expected and the sky will be their beginning.she noted.

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