Chairman, Apapa Local Government, Hon. Adele Elijah Owolabi desirous of getting the best from the workforce organized Medical Talk for Executive members, Legislators, Management team at the Council's Multipurpose Hall recently.
Hon.Adele while declaring the season open stated that a healthy population will enhance higher productivity. He said with the prevalence of Corona virus pandemic throughout the globe, it becomes pertinent to always do medical check ups for long life and good state of health.
According to him, " I want to assure you that i cherish good health for all because health is wealth. If you are planning for development, improved IGR and higher productivity then your working team must be in good frame of mind ,health wise.Therefore, am imploring all participants to pay rapt attention to the Consultant/Dietitian's lecture and also ask health related questions so that we can together achieve the common goal of our esteemed GOLDEN COUNCIL "
 Mrs Deborah Onoj( RDN),Dietitian, Chief Consultant, SAPPHIRE  Nutrients Nutrition & diet consulting firm enlightened participants on vital role good nutrition plays in the body in combating stress, balancing diets,controlling obesity, diabetes, hypertension, pepticulcer,asthma, liver diseases, kidney diseases among others. She said that those approaching sixties might be faced with healthy challenges.
Onoja classified food,fruits, vegetables into different categories. She comprehensively analyzed the time to eat,what to eat, time to move bowels.She educated more on ideal body weight (IBW) which is between (18.5 ---24.99),over weight and obesity. And the taller you are, the more weight you can carry. She explained that worst or detrimental place to store fat is waist.
 The Dietitian made it compulsory for participants to undergo series of test such are blood Pressus (BP),blood sugar,pulse rate.She reiterated that we are responsible for how long we live on planet.All  our organs( eyes,ears,livers,kidney, hearts) are one set and we need to take care of our body and likened it to a vehicle. She said that most of us care more about shoes,clothes, hairstyles than our health.
 The Consultant painstakingly advised against  deteriorating blood pressure factors- obesity, insufficient sleep, marriage challenges, libidos, state of mind etc.She equally shed light on healthy food by  referring to food pyramid-- caborhydrate, protein, fats,calorie, sodium. She emphatically discouraged "NOODLES" as no no areas. She stated that the more an oil can withstand heat the better for the body.
 Onoja said chewing is part of mechanical digestion and in taking combination of food and vegetables,we need to seek clinical nutritionist's advice.
 However, Mrs Onoja advised that it is not advisable to peel the cover of beans for Moi Moi rather  wash and grind .For pap it is ideal to mix different grains to derive variety of nutrients.
The Council Chairman, as an enabler of good health magnanimously gave each participant the grace to collect #10000 worth of  items from SAPPHIRE 's product range as starter package.
Other members of SAPPHIRE NUTRITION AND DIETS CONSULTING were Esusu Oreoluwa,Fajinmi Oluwadamisi and Sadiku Oluwatosin.
Apapa Local Government participants were Executive members,parliamentarians, management team, areas officers,NULGE Exco among others

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