Edo State Association Of New Building Materials Seller Endorses Obaseki Re-election

The de-facto president of the new building materials seller association of Edo state, Mr abeh Nnoso Kingsley during the interviewed with the journalists in his office described the association as a group of credible individuals that come together as an association ready to serve people more better.

The president enumerated some of his achievements since his assumption by engaging the services of security agency to protect the life and properties of their members.he also talked about his efforts of transforming the life of members to become a better people in the society and as well as improving the traffic situation of the market.

The president also encouraged thecollaboration with another sister association in piloting the affairs of association and also having a periodic meeting with  the leadership of different market association to foster peace and harmony among the members.

The president also highlighted few major challenges confronted the association such as ongoing building of the  new market to decongest the existing one appealing to the government for financial assistance to ensure the completion of the project. He also talked about absence of intermediary  between the government and the association to bridge the 
communication gap and get closer to the government.

On the area of good governance,the president eulogising the governor for his laudable achievements within the few years of his tenure in terms of  construction of good roads and reduction of taxes for the members of the association in oredo local government to alleviate the suffering of his member.

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