Hon.Kehinde Akande Recieves Gold Award Of Excellence Performance In Leadership.

The Caretaker chairman of ibadan South West local Government Hon.Kehinde Adeyemi Akande bagged Award of honor at an event today seventeen of August 2020 where Covid-19 preventive Materials were distributed to public primary school in ibadan Southwest local government area of Oyo state.

Hon.Kehinde said in his speech that the Corona virus pandemic struck the whole world with deadly stings sometimes last year but made its appearance in Nigeria at a time in February 2020 and since then,it has refused to take its exit despite various concerted efforts of the government to put a stop to its spread and contain its deadly strides nationwide.

Chairman ibadan southwest said that he must at this point give credit to a proactive,pragmatic and resourceful governor,Engnr Seyi Makinde for being timely in deploying all state apparatus and require resources both financially and materially to combat and contain the spread of the pandemic across all the nooks and crannies of Oyo state .Akande said for these outstanding and unqualled timely and resourceful strides he want all to continue give kudos,uninterrupted loyalty and support to all the programs and policies of Engnr Seyi Makinde led administration in the state.

In order to Domesticate the state government effort in preventing the spread of coronal virus among the people,he said we gathered to give covid-19 preventive materials for use in all the public primary schools in all the wards of ibadan southwest local government .he said wish therefore to enjoin the teachers to achieve the desired results of existing the corona virus pandemic from the state and in Nigeria as a whole.

Hon.Kehinde Akande said that he will be doing himself a harm if he fail to tell the pupils,parents and guardians alike that corona virus pandemic is not a ruse as circulated in some quarters but a reality attested Toby daily reports from the Nigeria center for disease control  (NCDC) and the number of death recorded on daily basis.

It therefore become social responsibility for us all to join hands together to fight the pandemic to a halt to ravamp our social and economic life as yester years.

The chairman of ibadan southwest passionately call on every one,Corporate bodies,non governmental organization etc to contribute there own quotas to strengthen the hands of the government both at the state and local government levels by ensuring strict compliance to all anti covid -19 directives and guidelines rolled out by the health agencies and medical expert as contained in the handbills prepared by the local government to keep us all good health perpetualty.

While reacting to the award given to him,the caretaker chairman of ibadan south west local government said several Awards has been turned down but he is interested in the Gold Award of Excellent performance in leadership because the life value Awareness and leadership secure initiative the organizer of the Award are in line with the area of his focus,he believe in life saving and love of one other.

He thanked the organizer of the Award and dedicated the Award to the Executive Governor of Oyo state Engnr Seyi Makinde who gave him the opportunity to serve his people  at the grassroot  level and also dedicated the Award to his caretaker committees.

Also speaking at the event,Hon.Wale Afolabi former vice chairman of the local government and PDP party leader of the local government, said that this occasion calls for a reflection on the ability and capability of the local government to be involved in education.Since education as been defined as the process of learning that brings permanent change to a man life,the involvement of the local government cannot be over emphaasized ,especially when its responsibility to effect changes in the life of the grassroots is concerned.

Hon.Afolabi said Education in this context ranges from academic to orientation,direction and instruction to the grasroots or the community,especially on the things that bother on welfare or well being of the community.This Invariably brings us to Covid-19 pandemic.In essence,there is sense in abiding with the instruction giving by the government of Governor Seyi Makinde which has been passed down to the local government.

He urge the teachers to comply with guideline of  NCDC and also to assist the pupils to ensure proper use of the preventive materials given to them and finally congratulate the chairman of local government for the Award bestowed on him.

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