#ENDSARS:Kogi Remains Peaceful Amongst Others State

The Executive Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello shunned politics, embraced diplomacy and joined Nigerian/ Kogi State youths in the peaceful demonstrations in stopping police brutality. He became the first Governor in Nigeria to join the campaign; a true and representing youth.

"Be assured of my continued support as well as my willingness to remain an ombudsman towards a peaceful and law abiding resolution to matters arising in this regard". He told Kogi youths in his first live broadcast.

The 14th of October, 2020, became another history making day in Kogi State as protesters marched towards the Kogi State Government House in Lokoja. Young and agitated youths requested the audience of the Governor. The State Governor who was engrossed in a state Executive Council meeting  immediately cleared his schedule and attended to their request.
The Governor declared his support for their agitations giving well articulated explanations.
He welcomed and entertained protesters at the Government House!

The state Governor  then called on protesters to follow him to a project commissioning the same day! 

In the words of the Governor, "You have won the war, don't lose the battle".

That is a Governor who knows how to apply the principle of pause and play in managing crises.

On the 19th of October,  2020, following increased agitations and the imminent hijack of protest by hoodlums across the nation, the state Governor made an urgent fifth broadcast addressing youths and protesters. Yahaya Bello volunteered to lead the movement. He volunteered to bear the risks, front his fellow youths and take up their course.

If the protest had a leader, would he instruct them to raise down a police station? No one can fight a battle without a King. Even the Apartheid had a leader, Nelson Mandela.

Instead, it became a topic for media propagandists. Just few hours after this, behold, a curfew.

From another intelligent report, these protests were predicted over three months ago by the BBC; a result of unsolicited lockdown in Africa due to Corona Virus. 

The Governor of Kogi State was amongst the earliest leaders to adopt an intelligent strategy in handling the economic impacts of the pandemic.
"If basic livelihoods cannot be sustained, people will prefer the loitery of infection over the certainty of starvation". The words of Governor Yahaya Bello while adopting a smart and economic friendly approach to fight the pandemic.

Nigeria was listed amongst the highest risk countries likely to face a protest storm as a result of the economic impact of the virus. On this note, the Executive Governor of Kogi State partially locked down the state while allowing economic activities and businesses to go on. 

The protests emanating and crippling the country today is to a very large extent a product of the grievances from continuous lockdown taken on the Government of Nigeria. The economic hardships have pushed people beyond reasonable levels.

It will interest you to know that a large proportion of the perpetrators of these protests are students who have been consistently kept at home for several months.

The peace reigning in Kogi state amidst widespread protests across the country is also a result of the Intelligent approach of the Governor in handling the pandemic and the recent crises.

As it stands, schools in Kogi State including higher institutions have all reopened, and students are actively engaged in academic activities.

Which actively engaged Nigerian student will have time to raze down public buildings?

This is another smart angle to look from. This wise decision of Governor Yahaya Bello seven months ago has kept the state intact amidst a nationwide distortion.

Nothing works more than identifying with the people and making them know you are part of their struggle. It sets the stage for effective persuasion and compliance.

Kogites remain thankful for their Governor for keeping the state secured and peaceful in this very critical year.

Another Governor Yahaya Bello legacy

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