IG,Remarks On The Decoration Ceremony Of Newly Promoted Senior Police Officers

It is with a feeling of elation that I welcome you to this event which marks the decoration of another set of newly promoted senior police officers with their new ranks.


This event represents a due recognition of the history of professional excellence of all the officers being celebrated today and like other previous other exercises, it was guided by the principles of seniority and merit and it took due cognizance of the unblemished service records and invaluable experiences of the benefiting senior officers.

The capacity of the human assets of any organization, particularly, at strategic management level is fundamental to the attainment of the goals and mandates of such institution. This is why it is often said that no organization can advance beyond the competence of its strategic leaders, neither can any organizational goals and plans be attained without a crop of highly committed personnel to drive the implementation process.

  This assertion is even more critical for a law enforcement agency that is as strategic to internal security of the nation as the Nigeria Police Force. This is because the rapidly changing dynamics of crime and the attendant increasing threat to security requires quality police managers that have the requisite professional knowledge, experience and competency to effectively provide leadership directed at managing such internal security realities.


 It is in cognizance of this fact that I have been collaborating with the Police Service Commission in ensuring that appropriate processes are emplaced to identify and promptly elevate deserving officers with unblemished service records for promotion. This is a strategic management approach directed at motivating the workforce of the Nigeria Police in committing to the duty of addressing current and emerging internal security threats.


 I am convinced that all of you, the newly promoted officers seated here, fit perfectly into my human capacity development requirement and I am confident that you will deploy your wealth of experience towards supporting the Nigeria Police in the attainment of our mandate, especially at this crucial time in our nation’s internal security evolution.

Let me, however, remind you that to whom much is given, much more shall be expected. Crime, as you know, is a dynamic and increasingly complex phenomenon and the nation demand of you higher level of loyalty, courage and professional competence needed to move the Nigeria Police and indeed, the nation to the next level in relation to internal security. In line with this, some of you shall be deployed to critical duty posts where your strength of character and professionalism shall be optimally tested. I trust that you shall not fail the Nigeria Police Force, neither will you fail the nation in the arduous responsibilities that your new rank shall impose on you

On this note, I wish to immensely thank the Police Service Commission for supporting our reform agenda and aiding in the attainment of our human capacity development initiatives. I look forward to the sustenance of this collaboration.

Finally, I heartily congratulate and share the joy of the moment with all the newly promoted officers and their families. I pray that Allah (SWT) continues to perfect your careers and grant you all the courage to sustain and continually exhibit those professional virtues that led you this far in your professional journeys.

. I thank you all for your attendance and wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

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