Secession Won't Solve Nigeria Problems Says Olu of Agege

The Olu of Agege, His Royal majesty Oba Adedeji Isiba Kamila has told the people agitating for secession that, separation will never solve the myriad of problems facing the country. 

He disclosed this while chatting with the Oduduwa Watch during the just concluded Ramadan eid prayers to mark the end of the Holy month.

Oba Adedeji said Yoruba nation are not fair to each other, adding that unless the orientation of the people change to see themselves as one, separating will only be like from fry pan to fire. 

" Our orientation is bad; we need to be united, love one another, see ourselves as brothers and ensure our leaders in Yoruba region prioritize the interest of the region above personal interest. 

He congratulated Muslims for Eid-Al-Fitr celebration, describing the month of Ramadan as holy month of sober reflection to serve God.

Kabiesi urged all the Muslim across the globe not to limit their soberness and good behaviour to Ramadan period alone, saying they should continue with their good deed.

The monarch said, despite the strong believes of people in Christianity and Islam, traditional region still has important roles to play in the life of an individual.

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