7OAKS HUB Officially Commissioned

An alternative home, where one can relax,  drink, play games and hide his or her head against nightfall was officially commissioned at Gbuduwyi community, Kabusa District in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

 According to Mr. Dipo Oloiuntoba, the CEO of  the newly commissioned hotel, 7OAKS HUB  as the name implied was an alternative home for everyone, who wanted to relax in unique place, where everything that kept soul and body alive was available. 

He added that 7AOKS HUB was the best place for everyone, who needed a calm, peaceful and secured place to relax asides from his or her primary home.

He said the Hotel was equipped with modern facilities that would meet the needs and tastes of every guest.

He outlined Lounge, Karaoke, Jazz night, Ladies night, Game night, Open MIC and sport Bar amongst the services rendered at  7AOKS HUB.

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