Erasmus Ekpan Assures Free Legislative Election

The state Publicity secretary of All Progressive party (APC)ogoja iyala constituency Cross River State stated that they are expecting free and fair election because INEC, OBSERVERS, SECURITY, OFFICER'S are on ground and There will be peace in every area of the state 
and we have been advised to be free from violence we don't expect any unlawful informations from anywhere .
However we can't because of two candidate that are going to federal constituency   and being for federal assignment shed blood, this is  our mission,we are all brother from the same state it just a mater of time every thing we be over And the electorate are advised to behave well and we dont expect outsider to participate   In this election especially in any of the  polling unit were u are not belong, And if dont have your PVC please stay out of polling unit,the information  Is for your own good because the tension is high,

Also the electorates has been advice to raise alarm if they notice any suspicious movement.this is all  what it means.  
He speak further that election  is going to be very peaceful  and Rancour free by the grace of God and every thing we be fine

Meanwhile there may be rumor from the two parties but we dont just act on it but as for me am ok with INEC Officer, there Most be rumor once have hijack one has do this and that eventually someone that we lead to Abuja may not be the people choice i think am comfortable withe arrengement.

My to people of ogoja iyala are  going out there to vote and if you have any thing doing in polling unit Please stay out and they should avoid un-wanted gathering or aultrance's that we bring violence.he said.

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