Agro Produce Dealers Groan Over Multiple Taxation

Following the multiple taxation on agricultural produce in the country, the Founder and Chairman BOT of the Nigeria Association of Agricultural Produce Dealers (NAAPD), Chief Orji Charles Ihedioha has appealed to government at all levels to put in place policies that would put a stop to multiple levies and taxes on farm commodities in  the country. 

Chairman of NAAPD made the plea while playing host to team of Journalists in his office. NAAPD is an umbrella body that guide and control the activities of all Agricultural Produce Dealers in Nigeria. 

Chief Orji noted that the association work in harmony with farmers in enhancing stability of members welfare all over the country. 

According to him, the multiple charges on the highways has led to high cost of foodstuff, noting that there is 100 per cent increase in agro allied commodities in Nigeria markets.

Chief Orji stressed that these levies and taxes collected on perishable items must be stopped because most of such items rot away due to delays caused by the illegal toll collectors.

Speaking further on the high cost of transportation and other logistics affecting price of commodities, the BOT Chairman lamented that additional charges on such produces have multiplier effects on the masses.

He stated also that, the economic situation of the country is affecting their businesses badly, noting that despite the resilience effort of President Buhari in restoring sanity back to the country's economy, some sycophants are working contrary. 

" President Buhari has done his best in revamping the comatose economy but some sycophants are not helping matters because of their selfish interest.  

He exonerated the president from the economy conundrums bedevilling the country, adding that the president is working assiduously to reshape the economy.

Lamenting high inflation in Agriculture produce, Chief Orji attributed this to the different taxes and levies from many agencies of government at different levels which translate to high cost of foodstuffs in the market. 

According to him, "We have been to the Honourable Minister of Agriculture to table our demands; we have a robust discussions on how to boost the country economy through agriculture but we discovered that, why inflation persist in the agricultural produce is because of multiple levies and taxes being collected while our goods are on transit".

Reacting to the increase in the activities of the banditry on the farm land, he described the situation as worrisome with negative effects on agriculture produce. " Some of us couldn't farm again due to the nefarious activities of the bandits".

"Banditry is not resisted to one particular place alone, it cut across every part of the country; before now, farmers work in the farm without fear or intimidation but reverse is the case now as bandits have taken over farmlands''.

He stated further that the association is ready to protect its farm produce at all cost, saying their daily livelihood depends on it. 

Meanwhile, Chief Orji condemned those criminalising the activities of IPOB and its leader, Maxi Nnandi Kanu, saying he means well for the Igbo people.

 " People in authority are just getting Nnamdi Kanu wrong; this is a man that loves peace but only passionate about welfare of the Igbo; that Igbo must be liberated from marginalisation, poverty, bad governance, bad economy polices and the likes".

He noted that mischief makers who are politicians are the one criminalising Kanu before Nigerian Government, saying IPOB is the only group being witch hunt as other groups exist without molestation.
Oladipo Aberuagba

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