Nigeria Workers Celebrates May Day

Every first Day in the month of May is very significant in Nigeria for Workers across the Nation,it is a day that they always come together and celebrate.
The International workers Day took is root from 1 may 1886 when American workers embarked bon a national strike action as part of the campaign to demand for an eight hours work in a day.the  campaign soon culminated into the popular Haymarket affairs ,where workers procession on may 4 1886 in Illinois ,Chicago ,United State of was America bombed, this happened four days after the commencement of the strike action of 1st may 1886.

By 1889 1st may had become acceptance by the workers,socialist,labour activists and leftists different countries of the world as the date to commemorate the Haymarket Affairs.

The global acceptance of 1st May for the commemoration of the International workers Day was further strengthened by the sixty Conference of the second International which took place in 1904 at the conference,a resolution was adopted which called on all the social Democratic party Organization and the trade unions of all countries to demonstrate energetically on the 1st of may for the legal establishment of the eight-hour day,for the actualization of the class demands of the proletariat and for world peace.

In 1980,the people Redemption party government inKaduna and Kano adopted the 1st as a public holiday for the commemoration of the International workers Day.The federal government joined the train in 1981 when it declared 1st of may as a National holiday in celebration of the International workers day.

Speaking at the event the President General of Maritime worker union Prince Adewale Adeyanju said that May Day is very significant to the workers around the globe,it is a day that workers comes together to celebrate together in respective of your work

Talking about the challenges in Nigeria,insecurity Economic meltdown,Prince Adeyanju stated that the menace has really cost Nigeria a lot though is not only Nigeria alone other country of the world have such challenges but Nigeria government need to seriously act on it so that Nigeria will be a better place to live.

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