Courtney of the effort of United Butchers Association of Nigeria,Agege Lagos state
Kudos to Ministry of Agriculture Lagos State via Veterinary unit. 
Clears air on the people misconception on the health of the Animals.

A healthy Nation is a strong Nation and the food being consumed by  the citizens plays a key role in this perceptive, the reason therefore, the Newsmen  visited the Leadership of the United butchers Association Agege branch,Lagos State of Nigeria. 

The visits which was an interactive session had an insight into some many issues that will be of an interest to the Consumers and the general public at large.

Meeting with the new set of the Leadership of the Association, the Chairman was on official engagement when the News crew got there, but the General Secretary stood in for the  Association management. Below are the findings.

The Secretary who spoke to us in a cogent and coherent point enlighten the understanding on how the Animal are care for and the challenges that they faced occasionally attributing the weakness of the cow to the friction and stress of the long journey and the way the transporter tied the Animal, this he said contributed to the dead of the Cow and where this happened they compensated the buyer who bore half of the money paid while the Association  shoulder the rest as a way of Cushing the effect on the customers outright.  

The Association Scrible debunked totally the belief in the people  mind that dead cow are being slaughter in the stable,, but rather all cows are been Quarantined and examined by the authority before being kiledl. He dwelled on the economy valve of their trade and gave a statistic numbers being killed per day as over one thousand from Monday to Friday but an increase during weekend to as more as over  three thousands Animals across board cows and goats among others. 

To this end, He therefore call for collaboration from all and sundry so that this great challenges can be met with easy. In his words  " I want to say all cow meat bought for consumption should be refrigerated for at least Twenty - four hours, so that it will not have any  implication on one health"  
When asked about the development of the Abattoir,  Mr Aminu Tanko thank the Lagos State Government for the way and manner the peace and cooperation that  exist between the duos and seek for continue rapport. He explained further how the security of the people and the safety of the Animal has been a huge success with combine efforts of the Army, the Police Division by the premises and regular patrol and surveillance of the arena has greatly aid in easing theirs business.

 As a pressure group, he said they had reached out to the  Government on the road rehabilitation of  the  area with a promised by the authority. He therefore using this medium to  solicit  for a fulfilment of the promised made toward this, confirming the Leadership qualities of the Chairman who was a vice to the late Chairman and therefore help him in the new position as he has gained a lot of experience as a former executive member.

In another development, he  pinned point on how they had played a leading role in  enlighten the people on the need to register and collect the PVC so that they can fully exercise theirs right to vote , which overwhelmingly has been done and competed.

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