A big giant in economic growth of Lagos state. The AREWA,  a major  stake holder in the politic of numbers come 2023 in Lagos State. 
Over two  centuries since theirs fore Father sojourned to Lagos
History is a dynamic force  this  was what was  unraved as the Oduduwawatch  News crew paid a visit to a newly elected Chairman of APC, Arewa Community,  Lagos State at his office in Abatoir,   Agege Lagos state on Tuesday..

In what happened to be an exclusive interview, the Chairman spoke in a clear tone on issue ranging from the history of thiers fore Father to Lagos among many issues. 

He said   "Our fore Father came down from up North since Two hundred years ago for bissiness , and that they do theirs transaction and go back even when they had the opportunity of buying land and build houses as been offered a land by the Government of the day then but rather they declined , because they saw themselves as a trader who came to sell and goes back home"  

The Chairman  explained how this senerios has gave the AREWA in Lagos a long time disadvantages over the present numerical strength, he  then expaciated on the vision and his blueprint as he assumed office to include the colliation of all the data of the people of Arewa which comprises of all Northerns indigenes Viz a Viz;  the Hausas, Fulanis, Tivs, Idomas and all others trible  from the Northern Nigeria. This he Emphaisied  is necessary for the purpose of Election in the near future and security reason also.

Futhermore,, He commended the support the community of Arewa  received and stil enjoying from the  Lagos state govermemt and promised they will reciprocate this gesture by given a block vote of not less than one and  half a million vote for APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

When asked if the security situation and economic hardship in the country presently will not affect the APC his own party come 2023, Alhaji S'aad equivocally dismissed such claim explaining in his Words " the security challenges is not peculiar to Nigeria but a common phenomenon globally, and that it first began in Mali,Chad and other Region in Africa , therefore Nigeria by the grace of God will overcome this menace in a short while since the Government is not resting on the matter. 

He bear his mind on the unity of the Country and solicits for a one Nigeria, citing his personal experience as a panaceas of one united Nigerians on how he married a Yoruba woman as a wife and this is a common news among the highly place individual the likes of Alhaji Abubakar Atiku and former Emir of Kano amongst many others who married to a Yoruba, Women this development no doubt bred unity and discourage ethnic sentiment among the Igbos, Hausas and Yoruba trible and this is verse- versa abi-niso. 

He hinged the essential of love and the place of obedience among followers thanking God on how the Arewa community has been able to listen to theirs leader and complied  with all instructions at least eighty percent if not Hundred,and this is the reason behind the peace and harmony that has been existing between the Arewa and their host community which he hope it will be Sustained.

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