Globally, one of the edges of democracy over other systems of government is the diverse political opportunities to every citizen; and equal right to vote and be voted for during an election irrespective of the status, size, religion or background. Unlike similar system of administration where few people preside over the affairs of the government and dictate the tunes of the music; democracy engenders all inclusive and total participation of the entire citizenry in the day to day government activities or business through effective representation of all stakeholders as being practiced in the civilized world.

Notwithstanding, the method of exercising democratic authority and strength to our governance in Africa and Nigeria in particular on several occasions are very indifferent to the sensitivity of other individuals, groups of people, communities and regions in the political process. Often times, the stronger side sees humility of the component units as a weakness rather than a virtue while seeing meticulous observations of the entire process as cowardice. The only language they understand is to unleash marginalization as a weapon to subjugate the existence of other political units or sections in the political process and participation.

Since the inception of democracy in 1999, marginalization without doubt, has become a dominant and contentious instrument using to annihilate less areas benefiting from dividends of democracy. Obviously, this primordial sentiment has often resulted to inequality, injustice, stigmatization and discrimination of the smaller elements within the same entity. Disregard for another political or social units in Nigeria is not only associated to the state or federal officials, but it is also common among the local government areas in creating the unfair treatment to a less politically advantage community within the locality, especially in the sharing of political offices and distribution process which hitherto subject them to short-changing or even day robbery and cheating in the process of economic and political resources distribution and allocation.

Frankly speaking, a clear and apparent marginalization that needs to be corrected urgently in Nigeria today is the current distribution of political offices at Ayedire South Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Osun State, where only single unit allocated all political offices to themselves. Ayedire South LCDA is made up of six communities namely; Oluponna, Alaya, Oke-osun Lanye, Oke-osun Ileeran, Gbandu Oke-osun and Iwo Oke-osun. Since its creation along with thirty other LCDAs and Area Councils in 2016 by the then Gov. Aregbesola’s administration, with strict mandate to spread political opportunities and participation among the local dwellers and communities, only one community, Oluponna has dominated and claimed ownership to all political offices without minding the existence of other components.

To put the record straight, among the above listed communities, only Alaya community like Oluponna has been in existence for centuries; co-habiting in peace with the latter and other communities surrounded geographically in the council. Historically, there was no existing record or documentation that placed Alaya ancestral home or its descendants under Oluponna traditional, administrative or political control. Alaya being an ancient settlement has been an independent community over the years with the "Baale of Alaya" as the political, spiritual and traditional head; who was only subjected to the superior traditional rulership and kingship of Oluwo of Iwo, the only and recognized first class king in Iwo kingdom during the pre and post-colonial era.

To corroborate the above statement, history was made on 21st of May, 2020 following the appointment and installation of His Royal Majesty (HRM) Oba Adetoyese Taiwo Opeyemi, as the first Olu of Alaya by the Osun State government. This has evidently made the stool, "Olu of Alaya" to be officially recognized as one of the royal fathers to be reckoned with in the state and most importantly in his domain for any form of political actions. The fact that Alaya is adjacently closed to Oluponna; and also the presence of Olupo of Oluponna, in the same environment, cannot and will never change the reality that Olu of Alaya, his subjects and political unit deserves equal rights and respect to all socio-political-economic activities taking place within the Ayedire South LDCA. This literarily translates that government officials at all levels, political parties, NGOs, civil societies and other stakeholders henceforth should not treat Olu of Alaya’s stool as mere figure head position; but as the royal father, spiritual leader, representative of the ancestors, custodian of the people's heritage and the real owner of the land.    

In a free society like ours, nobody should expect total assault by that unimaginable marginalization and total undermining the royal stool of his dynasty by presumed neighbouring brothers of ages to keep quiet. As civilized and peaceful people of Alaya, we choose to express our displeasure to the concerned personalities and authorities within the locality and beyond in black and white, rather than causing social unrest in the community. The apparent hopelessness of the situation above, if not properly verify, check and corrected, may sponsor the feeling that social conflict, physical attacks and boundary dispute as one has witnessed recently across the federation ( recently witnessed at Ikare Akoko, Ondo State) are attractive options towards redressing inequity, inequality or injustice for the right thing to be done. It is worthy to note that the aforementioned phenomena undermine democratic system in its entirety and may foster social and political atmospheres that erode the desired development and growth of the area in general.    

We call on the Executive Governor of Osun State, Gov. Ademola Adeleke, the Oluwo of Iwoland; His Imperial Majesty, Oba Dr. Rasheed Olawale Akanbi, Telu 1, Senator A. A. Oriolowo, Hon. M Amobi, other elective representatives  the parties’ hierarchy in the LCDA and state, all other critical stakeholders and friends of Alaya community to intervene positively into this matter and amicably settle the unworthy sharing formula of all political offices in Ayedire South LDCA. Sharing or rotational system for the political appointments within the area will be the best option to strengthen peaceful co-existence  of all concerned units in the same geographical location. Public offices either by election, selection or appointment is the right of all inhabitants under democratic government, most importantly as enshrined in the federal character and not the exclusive rights of the dominant group

The beauty of democracy only being actualized when the political representations at the grassroot level significantly bring government closer to the people no matter their location and social background. Democracy according to Abraham Lincoln is the government of the people, by the people and for the people; where majority has its way and minority has its say by Prince Oladimoye Oludayo Tolu

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