Pastor Umo Eno Visits Akwa Ibom Community In Abuja Ahead Of General Election.

The candidate of People's Democratic Party (PDP) Akwa ibom state,  Pastor Umo Abbasey Eno  meet the great people of Akwa ibom who Reside in Abuja and it's environ ahead of 2023 Governorship General Election.

Pastor Umo stressed the need for meeting his people before the election slated for match 2023, he said it is very important to him to come and see them and let them know his plan for them in the next administration if he wins as the next Governor of Akwa ibom state.

The PDP candidate speak volume on the infrastural development of the state that he is going to compliment on the present administration and make sure that all Akwa Ibom people both home and abroad enjoying the dividends of Democracy by creating job employment opportunity for them.

He also added that the empowerment programes  will be made easy and use his office to influence multi-National Company to the state  for erradication of unemployment in Akwa ibom state, while speaking on rebranding, pastor Umo promised a total support for Akwa Ibom community enterprenuer to rebrand their products, he said this in his local language that if Coca-cola can have a brand and other products in Nigeria that atleast Akwa ibom people can also do that for significancy in all their Businesses he stated 

The women Leader of Akwa Ibom Community Abuja, said they are very happy of recieving the Gubernatorial Candidate of the PDP in Abuja today Sunday 22nd of January 2023, she said his visit make all of them to have a sense of belonging that they are not far from home.

The woman leader said that during Inec PVC registration they were all mobiled to Akwa ibom to get their PVC in other to performe their own civic right as an indegene  of Akwa Ibom state and since after the collection of PVC they have created a whatsaap platform where they conduct their online meeting time to time and the woman leader they are very ready to cast their vote for Pastor Umo comes march 2023 General Election. 

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