The District Head of Pyakasa community under the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja who was appointed newly as the Tradition Head of the District was in a joyful  celebration mood  with his people who came around from the nooks and crannies of the District to celebrates him and to express their joy and happiness toward him and the kingdom. 
The celebration which embraces all tribes residing in the domain was joined by the, Yoruba, the Igbo and other ethnic groups wad a celebration of encomium on the man ; Chief Stephen Gaza a man of great humility and passion for his people. 
Speaking with the newly installed District Head and chief, he said he was happy to be given the privilege to serve the people and promised to carried every one along in respective of the tribal affliction and as well bring infrastructural development to the District. 
He further opined ," is to serve as a link between his people and the Government and relates intermittently as an interface of the duos.

Others dignitries are former member house of representative from FCT,  His Royal Highness Umar D Maikasuwa of Kuchigoro, National President of Nigeria Boys brigade and the Host Dr L Zaka Gaza immidiate past Director of HRM FCTA are those  who shower encomium on the District Head like president of Nigeria Boys Brigade  coincidentally has worked with new District head and know him for over two decades attested to the Uprightness and Nobllity  of chief Stephen , whom according to his statement hold him in high esteem and only pray God to grant him the Wisdom of Solomon to lead the people aright and bring development to the kitchen Kingdom. He commended his passion and love for his people and coupled with commitment to duty and share Hardworking no doubt earn him this leadership position which was ably recognize by the Government. 
 He further attested to his God fearing ability and the first pastor to be traditionally bestowed with a District Head. 
This accordingly is a testimony to his acceptable and approval of his leadership upon his subjects, the reasons for this joyous celebration and happiness displays here a pivotal and clear signal of his quality life that is a sacrifice for his people well being and their progress. 
Hon Charles Chukwuma deepen his word by commending on the gentlity and the sincerity in the man , he therefore bid him goodspeed and more blessing. Aberuagba 

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