The Executive Director, Network  Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd , ENGR, Ifeoluwa Oyedele a man with a distinct character was bestowed honour by a Nigeria based non governmental Organization, Life Value Awareness  and Leadership Secure Initiative as a Living Hero of Leadership, Distinguished Noble and Best Humanitarian services per Excellence Award of the year 2023. 
Speaking at the Award  ceremony with the Awardee , Engr, Ifeoluwa Oyedele first expressed his appreciation to The God Almighty and to the organiser of the event Ambassador Musibau Oladipo aka Aberuagba for this honour, but noted that this award has been tactically turned down for almost one year because in his own nature as character he Ifeoluwa does not want anything self praise or recognition because whatever help man or anyone render to fellow man is a meer privilege believing in God and the Scripture which is the anchor of his life dictates. 
He opined " I don't even want people to thank me even when I'm helping them, when I gave to others I sometimes don't picked their call for five days just for the fact that I don't want to be thanked. What I did is from God and I strongly hold on to the Bible word particularly Jesus admonition , do not let your right hand know what your left hand do., oh what a paradox to political world where they seek for self praise and publicity" 
The Network Directorate helsman therefore recalled how from his school days far back to primary four,  how he has been noted for excellence but commented he was tagged intelligence but stubborn by his class teacher. He hope to do more by helping people financially and otherwise be it in  politic and other life endeavours, and that his sincere prayer is to be made rich, blessed by God so that he will help more  people in life.

The Awardee was in the same vein enjoined the organiser of the event to continue by his good work and prays God will  bless this initiative.

The ceremony which also witnesses a commendation and  vote of thank by the top senior staff of the department colaborrated  the  excellence performance of their boss and said "  he is a Man who has distinguish himself in services to humanity and *an administrator per excellent, has made an inroad and a major landmark both in politic and workplace" the results of which the award been bestowed on him not a surprise* to all . And joyfully voiced their being proud of him.Moses Olujobi 

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