Chief (Mrs) Ayanyoyin Abeje Foluwaso  LAKUNLE was one in a million. She was a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She passed unto eternal glory at the ripe age of 95 on January 11, 2023.
    Chief (Mrs) LAKUNLE, popularly known as 'Mama' was the wife of the versatile and prominent London trained legal luminary, Chief L. L. LAKUNLE of blessed memory. Mama was born on January 2, 1928 into the family of Late Pa Badmus Atilola Ayansiji and Late Madam Jinatu Bilewuomo Ayansiji  of Fitila Compound, Saki, Oyo State, Nigeria

   Mama was a gentle woman of the highest grade with an excellent character. She had decades of meritorious and unblemished character and was dependable and trustworthy. A thoroughbred disciplinarian who impacted the lives of old, young and the elderly.

     Mama LAKUNLE's archetype was of rarefield variety, whether as a mother; as a wife; as a teacher; as a community leader; as a disciplinarian; as a hotel manager or as  an hotelier. She was in a class of her own, a personality so sublime; so lofty; so noble minded, so egalitarian.
   By my own personal assessment, Mama was a woman with a very large heart. She was innately good. Grandma had been of immense help and she was useful to numerous people.
There is no gainsaying to the fact that this illustrious  daughter of Saki was an importunate character who strived to achieve success in all her endeavours, regardless of any obstacle.
    Chief (Mrs) LAKUNLE was blessed with five wonderful Christ loving children that are great achievers  in  their choosen areas of endeavours. Without being immodest, they are all making giant strides. They are:
 Mrs Joke Fasesin, a retired Deputy Director of Education;
 Professor Mrs Toyin Jegede,  a University Don and Head of Department, Department of English, UI;
Mrs Funke Ayansola, a retired Matron and a business mogul; 
Barrister Mrs Bunmi Ogunbiyi, a distinguished lawyer and legal practitioner and
 Mrs Funmilola Olla, an Operation Analyst/ Learning and Development Specialist.
 No doubt,  grandma lived a fulfilled life, the undeniable and  amazing testimonies about the life and times of the Madam Foluwaso Ayanyoyin is not only commendable but worthy of emulation. In  honour  of Mama 's uncountable and remarkable achievements , magnanimity, kindness and selfless community services, a befitting burial  ceremony is organized for her in her home town of Saki which will attract the creme- de- la - creme of the society.  The captains of industries,  religious leaders, eminent personalities from all spheres of life will converge at Saki town in Oyo State, Nigeria to give their last respect and bid her farewell to mama this weekend.

  A peep into the life history of mama revealed a lot which speaks eloquently well of her characteristic and impressive lifestyle. This includes her early life, her sojourn abroad, marital life and educational attainments and rich and robust work experience at home and diaspora.

Foluwaso, as she was fondly called by her father, was the only daughter and the second of four children by her mother, a fact that endeared her parents to her. Both parents were traders.
At the time in Nigeria, and especially in Oke-Ogun area of Oyo State, very few people paid attention to education, but due to her father's interest in schooling, little Yoyin was enrolled at Baptist Day School, Saki. She attended the school for one year and during the period, she became close to one Dewunmi, a girl from another school. Aunty Dewunmi Oke, as she was called, attended Elam Memorial Girl's School, Saki and helped Yoyin with assignments.
Yoyin's mother then suggested that her schooling be transferred to her friend's school. This led to her movement from Baptist Day School Saki to Elam Memorial School, Adagba, Saki, a school established by American Baptist Missionaries.

The missionaries took special interest in Yoyin because she was a Muslim. Indeed, one of them, named Miss Hattie Gardner took up the responsibilities for her schooling. Miss Gardner paid Yoyin's school fees, bought her books and made her uniform. But more importantly.
Miss Gardner, Aunty Dewunmi, one Aunty Segi and others told her about JESUS CHRIST, the savior of the world and her savior too. They told her about the need to convert from Islamic religion to Christianity. Little Yoyin accepted, gave her life to Christ and became a Christian despite strong oppositions from one of her brothers. Yoyin joined the Baptist Church in Saki. How great is our God!
She completed her standard VI in 1949; two years after the death of her father in 1947. She proceeded to Baptist Women Teacher Training College, Idi-Araba, Abeokuta. On completion of her studies there; she was posted to her alma mater, Elam Memorial School, Saki as a trained teacher.

While she was teaching at Elam, she met the love of her life, Chief L. L. Lakunle (of blessed momory). They got married on December 26, 1954. The family moved to Lagos and later to lbadan in 1955. The marriage was blessed with the five beautiful children, listed above.
Chief (Mrs) Lakunle worked in various schools like Zumrata Islamiya School, Sangross, Lagos; Idikan Baptist Day School,  Ibadan; NW5 Nalende Baptist Day School, Ibadan and N3 Nalende Baptist Day School, Ibadan.

She travelled to London in 1963 in order to join her husband who had gone there to read Law. While in London, she studied Institutional Catering at Westminister College and later at Borough Polytechnic Lewisham Way, London SE4 where she obtained 150 City & Guilds Certificate and I51 City & Guilds Certificate respectively. After graduation, she worked, at London Electricity Board, Walker's Restaurant etc.  She used the proceeds from her income to support her husband throughout his Law programme at Holborn College of Law until he obtained his LL.B in 1968. Who can find a virtuous woman?

The family returned to Nigeria in December 1969 and in March 1970, Chief (Mrs) Lakunle was appointed by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Information of Oyo State. She worked in Catering Rest Houses and later Trans Nigeria Motels in Ogbomoso, Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode, Ado-Ekiti, Iseyin and Ibadan. She rose the position of Motel Manager before her retirement in 1985. She then set up her own business. To God be honour and glory for ever and ever.
   May her gentle soul rest in peace. Adieu Mama rere. Abiyamo tooto. Sleep well, till we meet to part no more on the resurrection day.
 Mama LAKUNLE has gone to rest and THE REST IS HISTORY

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