Anambra Police Command begins Campaign Against Cultism & Other Vices

The Command is committed to making sure that Cult menace is reduced to the barest minimum in the state. In this episode, we will discuss why people join cult groups. 

Parental and Home Background: participation in cult activities may be influenced by parents’ involvement in similar activities.

Societal decay: There is a mad rush to acquire wealth and power. 

Emotional Sickness: Children who have emotional sickness tend to be depressed and frustrated with life. In an attempt to express their anger against neglect, they may join cult groups to unleash terror on the society that has caused them emotional pain.

Peer Group Influence: Motivation for joining cults may come from peer group influence. Some students have become cultists because their friends lured them into joining.

Support from highly placed individuals in the society: In some institutions, officials play the role of grand patron to some cult groups and also sponsor them. The student cultists are used against several members of the community for selfish reasons.

Inadequate Religious and Moral Education: Some parents have abandoned their responsibilities in the area of moral upbringing of their children because of the craze for material wealth. They hardly show interest in the educational/academic progress of their children. Such parents do not attend parents’ fora and meetings. Ikenga PPRO Anambra Police Command 

_to be continue…_

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