Prophet Coach Victor Ilori Bags Living Hero Noble Award

Prophet Coach Victor Ilori has been awarded the prestigious "Living Hero Noble Award for Service to Society," in recognition of his contributions to enhancing spiritual health through sports and ministry. This honor was presented by the influential Life Value Awareness and Leadership Secure Initiative, am Organization based in Abuja, acknowledging him as a living hero, icon, and legend. These accolades reflect his significant impact on society, emphasizing the importance of celebrating such influential figures during their lifetime.

Born into a Christian family more fifty years ago, Prophet Ilori attended Ladilack Primary School and Saint Finbaars College, known for nurturing notable soccer talents. His journey to become a professional footballer led him across Africa transversing the Sahara desert through Niger republic and Libya. A budding professional football career was cut by  sudden geopolitical unrest and xenophobia in Libya. Many black Africans were killed and this forced his return to Nigeria, where he found a new path. At Surulere National Stadium, he began coaching informal Fitness sessions, eventually with a handful of others pioneering the open-air aerobics fitness industry as we know it today in Nigeria. This is the genesis of the birth of the now famous "Energetic Health and  Fitness Club" that has distinguished itself, endured, evolved and survived diverse challenges.

 Thereafter another club was also established on the Island in Ikoyi Lagos where he instructed cream-de-la-cream of Lagos high society residing in the Dolphin/Osborne estate axis of the Island. His association with this class of people bolstered his confidence, gained him respect amongst his peers and inspired him to work harder .His educational journey continued at the Nigerian Institute of Sports, and later at the University of Lagos, where he studied Physical and Health Education. His expertise in exercise techniques gained him recognition and respect within the academic and professional community.

Coach Victor’s spiritual calling led him to the Nehemia Institute Bible  Theology, culminating in the establishment of the Christ Consciousness Church in his childhood neighborhood of Makoko, Lagos. With a mission to serve God differently through proactive and innovative engagements. His dual focus on physical and spiritual well-being positions him as a transformative figure in Nigerian society, especially among the youth and young at heart

During the award ceremony held at the Energetic Health and  Fitness Club, the Convener of the awarding outfit,  Amb Otunba Oladipo Aberuagba praised Coach Victor for his unique life path and encouraged him to continue striving for excellence. Club members who witnessed the event  professed their pride in the professionalism of Coach Victor and the unique brand he has created. The celebration was a testament to the profound impact Coach Victor has on his community, promoting both physical and spiritual health to forge a better society.

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