In a jubilant display of solidarity and gratitude, the people of Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District (ISD), Akwa Ibom State, on Saturday, 4th May, 2024  played host to the distinguished Senate President of Nigeria, Godswil Obot Akpabio, CON, at a monumental homecoming reception.

 The event, marked by fervent cheers and heartfelt tributes, underscored the unwavering support and admiration of the people for their esteemed grand leader.

Among the prominent figures who graced the occasion was the Executive Director of Projects (EDP), Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Sir Victor Antai KJW who delivered a stirring goodwill message on behalf of the people of Eket Senatorial District.

 In his address, Sir. Antai expressed profound appreciation to Senator Akpabio, extolling him as a beacon of exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication.

 He articulated, "Akpabio has given Akwa Ibom all and we are still expecting more; he has given Nigeria more and we are expecting more. He will continue doing more for us and no man can stop Akpabio, for the grace of God is upon him".

This sentiment resonated deeply with the attendees, who fervently echoed their allegiance and unwavering support for the esteemed Senator.

The atmosphere pulsated with excitement and anticipation as Senator Akpabio, adorned with humility and gratitude, reciprocated the overwhelming affection and endorsement from his constituents.

 In his impassioned address, Sir. Antai referred to the Senate President as his benefactor, reaffirming his commitment to serve the people with unwavering dedication and integrity, following the footsteps of his mentor, leader and benefactor. 

He remarked, "God is with Akwa Ibom," encapsulating the spirit of unity and collective progress that defines the region.

The homecoming reception of Senator Akpabio served as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of effective leadership and the enduring bond between a leader and his people. 

Therefore, Sir. Antai acknowledged that Senator Akpabio, CON, continues to exemplify visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to the welfare and advancement of his constituents. 

As the event drew to a close, the resounding echoes of support and solidarity reverberated throughout Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, reaffirming the enduring legacy of Senator Akpabio and the unwavering unity of Akwa Ibom.

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