Lagos Lawmaker Celebrates Eld-Mubarak with Constituency People

The Lagos State member of House of Assembly, Honourable Surajudeen Olatunji Tijani  popularly known as Honorable Emir a lawmaker in Lagos State House of Assembly said while  speaking with news men on the  Sallah Celebration to Nigerians, he said   there's no name you can mention if you don't make mention of Emir in Lagos State Assembly,  it means you don't know the honorable member representing ojoo constituency 2 and that is what he is known  for.

 Honourable Emir said, Eid-Mubarak as we know is a very big festival  that we value so much and he can gladly say  that when he was small, what he witnessed about their forefathers  mean the parents is that Eid-Mubarak is a  Celebration that determined and prepared for. they prepare for that year and a year interval,  there is one contribution they always make  called "koleere", Koleere  means there's no fine and this  has been in existence before he was born and we are still doing it up till today as we inherited it from our forefather,  we have never for one day default from it. what this contribution meant for is to gather money to make sure that we celebrate sallah in a big way  and that's why they always say "obe oni se ile".so during their time immediately they  contribution the money  they will go  to the market with community vehicle and buy many rams and the children will be waiting for them to come back as soon as they comes back from the market,  the children and senior brothers  will not go to anywhere even to the  farm because  then,their major work is farming and they are  still maintain the initiative up till today and it is reason why you see numbers of people here today gathered to  get their ram and other food items in order to celebrate the Sallah.

Hon Surajudeen Tijani Emir said that his  message to people this year is that,  they should maintain law and order , whatever little they have to celebrate with should be in a peaceful manner,  though  we  cherish Sallah festival so much but  economy challenges Nigerians are facing may not allow them to celebrate in a big way, so my advice to people is that they should not do beyond their capacity so that tomorrow no one will start dragging them for debt. as far as we are alive we will live to celebrate many more years on earth and also  wish my constituency a very happy and reliable celebration of Eid Mubarak  he said. 

Coming to Economic derive of Lagos state Honourable Emir siad the present economic challenges Nigerian is facing  is a global phenomenon and it is  not only Lagos, not only Nigeria, it cut across the whole world and  the effect of pandemic as we all know,  whenever pandemic outbreak occur globally,  the world can only get out of it maybe after 10 years, but we thank God that in Nigerian we are coming out of it gradually, in lagos state we trying our best just to make sure that we strengthen the economy drive and  at least today Lagos stste is one of the best state within Nigeria Nation and Africa that is getting it right because of Governor Babajide Sanwolu initiative and the Lawmaker under the leadership of the Speaker Honourable Obasa.

My appeal to Nigerian and the citizens of Lagos state is for us to come together and cooperate and bear with the president Bola Ahmed Tinubu as he is trying his best to make sure that the country get better. we know Nigeria was a great country and to me I'm assuring you that Nigeria will be great again.the Problem and the  challenges has been existing for a very long time ago even from the past administration,  but the truth is that they failed to address the Issue during their time , all they do is to go and borrow money,pls let will call your attention back, was it not last year or last two years when there was a speculations  that china will take over Nigeria because of our debt but today we are out of it because President Tinubu has paid the debt  and another major problem is Nigeria resources,  i mean the crude oil and our crude has been sold ever  since before President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu take over the presidency but by God's grace President Tinubu will do well,  and we are getting out of all our problem by the coming new month 2024, and I'm very sure as at next month July Nigeria will do it best.

While in the concluding part of Sallah message of Hon Surajudeen Tijani a.k.a Emir 

Honourable Tijani stated that Nigeria  constitution  was designed by military Rule  and that is one of the major challenge we have and it is the reason why restructuring is very important now,  we can not govern democracy with military constitution, we need a changed of Constitution  and that we have  been clamouring for restructuring.and to me as i said it at the preliminary of Lagos  house of assembly, most especially when we are trying to address insecurity issues  and other challenges. what we are talking about is the  implemention of our law.

Emir stated that Nigeria is a country  where we find somebody who has kidnapped or a Boko Haram who has killed numbers of people and got arrested but they will be kept at the prison,  at the end of the day they will be enjoying and even some will get presidential pardon, you can not  try it in Saudi Arabia and if actually we implement our law , I think this country will be free of corruption and other things that will damage our system.
We should also stop family politics in Nigeria,  Nigeria is a country  whereby somebody committed an offence and being convicted for death sentence instead of us to sign the death warrant they refuse to do that and we are expecting the country to grow, it is not possible,  so we need a change, we need justice in our  country let us implement our law and let justice prevail,  if we can do this Nigeria will be great again  Hon Emir  assured.

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