Group Begs National Assembly to Drop Aregbesola .

A civil group, the Civil Societies Coalition for the Emancipation of Osun

State (CSCEOS) has urged the National Assembly not to give nod to the

former Osun State governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola as a ministerial nominee of

the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The group in a statement issued in Osogbo on Thursday and signed by its

Chairman, Comrade Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman and Secretary, Comrade Ebenezer

Oladapo and sent to DAYLIGHT.NG explained that clearing Aregbesola as a ministerial candidate would

be very unfortunate, sad and an act detrimental to the ethos of good


According to CSCEOS, Aregbesola run the most oppressive, corruptive and

wicked government in Osun State, adding the the ex-governor is not fit in

all ramifications to be saddled with the leadership responsibility at the

national level.

“Aregbesola’s reign brought untold pains and hardship on the people of the

state while his anti-peoples policies sent many to their early graves and

till today the injuries he inflicted on the citizenry are yet to be


Aregbesola’s administration between 2010 and 2018 “in our state represented

disaster, destruction, evil, mis-governance, satanic and brutish as he made

life unbearable for the good people of the State. Today, Osun State is

still owing her workers and retirees over 13 months of salaries and


“We wondered in the first instance how President Muhammadu Buhari had to

include Aregbesola in his ministerial list. Which ministry is he going to

serve? Did Buhari ever investigate how Aregbesola managed Osun State? Did

Buhari know that Aregbesola’s governance brought Osun unto her kneels?

“He destroyed the state education and health sectors. Aregbesola cannot

record a single success in the mainstream sector which is agriculture.

Roads are in comatose in the state. Why is a kilometer of roads in Osun

being awarded as a rate of N1 billion? Yet, Osun is the third most indebted

state in Nigeria courtesy of Aregbesola.

“Let our senators ask Aregbesola what happened to the so called tablet of

knowledge “Opon-Imo”, O-Uniform, O-Ram, O-Tram, O-Meat, O-School, O-Hub and

many other “O” projects. Let them ask Aregbesola how much he spent on MKO

Abiola airport. Let the senators ask our former governor how he spent over

N500billion loans he took.

“We need answers to why out of 36 states, he was the only one who changed

the name of the state to “State of Osun” and why was he the only one

running a parliamentary system in the state local governments in a

presidential system?

“Aregbesola should tell the world who the “State Boys” are? He should tell

everyone why he decided to be paying half salaries to workers and why he

refused to pay retirees in spite of billions of naira bailouts by the

federal government.

“Maybe the president did not know that our group wrote several petitions to

EFCC and ICPC attaching vital documents on how Aregbesola and his cohorts,

one of them serving as Senator today stole billions of naira. Yet, the

anti-graft agencies never make any effort to investigate them possibly

because the men are in the good book of the presidency”.

CSCEO stated that Aregbesola does not fit to represent the state in the yet

to be constituted Buhari-led government, urging him to withdraw the

ministerial nominee.

If National Assembly gives nod to the nomination of Aregbesola, people of

the State would be cursing President Buhari and leadership and members of

the upper chamber everyday till the end of their tenure.

“Again, we reinstate that Rauf Aregbesola put Osun State into debt regime

and milked the State dry and today state find it difficult to perform her

obligations of paying workers’ salaries and pensions”, the statement added

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