Third Edition Of The Nigeria Assembly Orientation And Awards -Omoboye O.Adeboye

Today seems like an ordinary day in our lives but we will someday look back and realize that we made history and everyone of us here has written our names in gold,as far as the history of our democracy IS concern. legislature and representation is the full meaning of democracy and it could only be found in a democratic system of government. Legislators are the true representatives of the people and most important arm in a democratic system OF government. legislature,as an important arm of government has been giving lesser attention and thereby undermining the roles of lawmaker in our policy and government (governance) .Nigeria Assembly News are mandated to bridge the gap between the lawmakers and the populace. The road to bring this has not been smooth but with resilience and determination,we done these overtime and this is just the beginning.
The Nigeria Assembly News,started the journey as an online newspaper and there after three years ago with an orientation program and Awards for outstanding lawmakers who have done excellently well in legislative duties .

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