Ademilua Bags Living Heroes Award

Engr.  Femi Francis, Ademilua , a former staff of the Federal Ministry Of Works and Housing has been honoured with a Living Hero Award in recognition of his past records in the ministry and contributions to the development of the county's building industry.

Ademilua, one of the initiators of  "Project Admin" in the ministry, working in Ministry of Finance, was honoured in Abuja on (Tuesday), by an NGO, the Life Value Awareness and Leadership Secured Initiative,  the organiser of Living Hero Award nationwide.

Amb. Oladipo Musibau,  Aberuagba presenting the award said it was in recognition of Ademilua contribution to human and national development including the building industry, especially as one of the initiators of "Project Admin" introduced to curb corruption in projects monitoring.

He described the Living Hero Award as an initiative to restore dignity of labour and integrity.

He added that it was also to motivate Nigerian icons who should be identified and  celebrated while alive, instead of placing beautiful epitaphs on their tombs in death, a time they could not personally appreciate the value attracted to their years of kindness or philanthropic to the society and humanity.

"Today we are here to honor a visionary leader and philanthropic per excellence,a man of timber and caliber who has not only succeeded as a just leader but has done it in such a manner that inspire others and impacted  lives by given hope to the hopeless."

 Ademilua, in his response commended the organiser of the award, saying it is   an evidence that whatever one is doing, he or she should do it well because people are watching, weather you know it or not.

"As a young engineer then in Federal Ministry of Works And Housing,we worked tremendously to protect the image of the ministry.

"Then we decided not to live at the mercy of contractor, because the hand that feed you can not be rejected when there is need for favour. 

"For instant, there was a contractor who offers one of our engineers fifteen thousand naira,  then it was a huge amount of money but the engineer rejected the money and the contractor threw the money into his car.

"This money was paid to approve his project. If such money was not rejected it  may  cost someone his life.

"That was why we team up and came up with idea of 5% of the project should go to engineers for them to be free from contractor's bribery and today this idea is called Project Admin fee.

 "So if an organization or group of people could dig deep and find my past record and honour me, I am very happy to receive the Award," Ademilua said.

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