Exposed: The hidden secret of Oladunni Odu, the lady Gov Akeredolu appointed as SSG

The news that Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has appointed  the first-ever  female as the Secretary to the Government of Ondo State  has got many people praising him and some women rights activists singing his commendation to heaven without knowing the hidden secret of the appointee – Oladunni Odu,

 The lady, Oladunni Odu has a lot of secrets that are hidden from the public and which her appointment by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu is helping to unravel.

It is about the law of karma, that no matter how clever you are whatever you are doing secretly will be exposed one day

This has come to play for Princess Oladunni Odu, the newly appointed First female SSG in Ondo State

Many who have met this lady before would have been captivated by her sheer beauty which the Lord has bestowed on  her and unaware  that beneath this awesome facial appearance is an unquantifiable solid intelligent quotient which its percentage is rare to come by easily ‘

Talk of brilliance, she got it

Talk of Intelligence, she is abundantly blessed  

Speak of a woman with a heavy robust sense of responsibility and precise efficiency she has it

Looking for a dependable and reliable ally who can oblige personal sacrifice for a venture to succeed, that is her

Searching for a woman who you can trust with your eyes closed, scramble for her

Grooving for a human being who will not stab you at the back no matter the pecuniary offers, just go for her

Think of a woman who is not only resourceful but a goal setter and getter, Princess Oladunni Is.

Hunting for a diligent and proactive lady of substance who combines beauty, gut and solidity in thought, she is your best choice  

Prying for a humane, humble and sensible workaholic, she is your best

Looking for a lady with supreme leadership acts, deeds and thought, Princess Oladunni is your choice

 Talk of panache, she has it plenty

Humility is innate in her and of course her second skin   

Though a Princess

Oladunni Odu has never allowed the blue blood running in her vein to

Run her brain upside down  

Hardworking laced with the temerity of purpose have been her tools for conquering and cultivating good legacies in any post of responsibility bestowed on her

Agrarian Commitment to a course with a strong determination to accomplish has been her code of conduct  

Deadly loyalty and unalloyed reverence to personality order have ensured her steady rise on the ladder of success

Political consistency and submission to the party line are her hallmarks of rule

A painstakingly   selfless lady with a large heart to make a sacrifice for the collective good of all

An affectionate mother and a responsible wife  

A passionate lady who understands the nitty-gritty of politicking at the grassroots,Seasoned technocrats and super administrator whose skills has been honed by experienced both in the public and private sector,A Barrister – At – Law who understands the dynamics of public administration and the cosmopolitanism of the private sector

A motivator par excellence who is blessed with tremendous wits and guts of getting the best out of working force

It takes a philosopher Governor of the person of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, a man who does not suffer fools to go for a gem of a lady called Princess Oladunni Odu as the first female Secretary to the government of Ondo State.

Congratulations to Princess Oladunni Odu for having her secret is blown out

Special commendation and heavy appreciation should go to Chief Mrs Betty Akeredolu, the wife of Arakunrin the Governor of Ondo State who did not constitute herself as the blocking stone of making Oladunni Odu as the first female SSG in Ondo State. 

She deserves this appreciation because she is unlike others who would have seen an emerging competitor for relevance in the affairs of the state in a female SSG. 

Kudos to the indefatigable Governor of the Sunshine state Arakunrin Rotimi Odunayo Akeredolu for going for the best of the best out of the best women of   Ondo state to become the First Female Secretary to the Government of Ondo State

Congratulations to the people of Ondo State for been blessed with a proactive lady of grace, a thinker and a mother as the first Female SSG in Ondo State ;

.. Wale Ojo – Lanre writes from Usi – Ekiti, Ekiti State

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