Maritime Workers' Union of Nigeria President General bags Living Legend Award

The President General of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), Comrade Adewale Adeyanju Abdul Waheed anli.has bagged Life Value Awareness and Leadership Secure Initiative Living Hero Award. 

The award presentation was done at the National Headquarter of the union in Apapa, Lagos State amidst encomium from members who came to celebrate with their President General. 

 Life Value Awareness and Leadership Secure Initiative is a reputable Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) which its mandate include celebrations of excellence in the society. 

Having beam its search light on the activities of the leadership of Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, the NGO decided to honoured Comrade Adeyanju Abdul Waheed with Living Legend Award. 

Speaking at the event, some national leaders described the President General as a humble, dogged, loving and cheerful giver to a fault. " Your value to the union is inestimable, you are an asset to us and your positive impact has transformed many lives".

" Our President General is accomodating and will never look down on people despite his position.  He portrays quality of good leader that is worthy of emulation".

" He is an achiever, innovative and an advocate of progressive ideas. Within the time he has spent in the office, his record of achievement stands in out among his contemporary; this could be seen in the manner he refurbished the Union Secretariat to standard that befit the status of the union".

Another officer of the union commended the organization for the great honour done on the President General, saying it is a well deserved award.

On his part, the President General thanked the organiser of the award for beaming their search light on his activities at the union level, adding that leadership is a sacrifice.

He said the award was given to him in his capacity as the leader of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria which he dedicated to all members, past and present leadership of the union. 

To him, the award will further spur him to continue to provide quality representation at all levels to the union.

He thanked all National Officers of the union for their immense contributions and support, noting that, whatever he was able to achieved as the leader of the union were made possible with the cooperation of the leaders.

Comrade Adeyanju stated further that, the honour was bestowed on him as a result of the laudable contributions to the Union and good deed as the leader of the great union. 

" The best way to celebrate excellence is to do that when such person is still alive and not otherwise when such person would have died. I am happy that in my life time, I'm being celebrated by an organization who recognize our values to the development of the union".

He tasked the organization not to limit their award to performing and outstanding people in the society alone, saying award should be given to non achievers or non performance people, believing that if such is introduce, it will make lazy people to add more energy to their work.

He charged other leaders of various association and union to be up and doing, more also contribute their widowmite to the society, saying gone are those years when rewards of workers is in heaven. 

The organiser promised to look into the suggestion of the President General, adding that, there is always reward for hard work which necessitated the award given to Comrade Adeyanju Abdul Waheed.

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