The Importance Of Shea Products In Nigeria's Economic Transformation-Alh Gotangora.

The National President of Shea products Association of Naigeria,Alh Ahmed Kontagora said that Shea is an old commodity that has transformed from traditional women extractors to global commodity that is not only highly versatile but very much in deemed all over the world.

Alh Katangora in his speech said that Nigeria is well endowed in Shea resources,but the commodity is yet to receive sufficient attention,therefore,he stated that 2021 Shea conference which titled The status,the Value and the feature of the Shea sector in Nigeria's Economic transormation concieved to promote its visibility, escalate its value and attract appropriate public and private sectors to what we can rightly call an essential commodity.

He also stated that as an Association they need to act as the catalyst to drive the Shea value chain and optimize it's utilization and elavate its derivatives. This is a sector that is capable of generating over 1billion dollars every year and create jobs for millions of Nigerians.
As one of the most natural endowments that God has bestowed on Nigeria,the Shea tree has grown in the wild and has multiplied through various means of dispersal,however,with farm expansion,deforestation, wood fuel and other harmful practices the Shea tree population is fast  depleting.

 speaking at the event Senator Bima Muhammed Enagi the deputy chairman Senate committee on Agriculture and rural development,said over the last two years  now that he has been working extensively on the possibility of making Shea one of the major item in the cocktail of commodities that require the federal Government 's and investment in our guest to diversify the Nigeria Economy.In an attempt to develop,promote and expand the Shea sector he has together with his team considered it expedient to have a central coordinating platform to galvanize the sector and it on the path of growth and sustainability.
 In one of the panel session during the conference,Senator Bima said he was asked to be part of a discussion on Shea policy formation ,harmonization and legislation.
It is no news any longer that Nigeria has the highest number of Shea trees spread across parklands in about 22 states. He said the available statistics put us ahead in Shea production on the continent and globally,Nigeria today is not just the leading producer of raw Shea nuts globally but also the nation with the largest stock of Shea trees in parkland and it has always been viewed that the Shea sector with the proper organization and investment can support in government's effort to diversify the economy. 

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