REDAN; Real Estate Developer Association holds thier AGM Meeting.

The Annual General meeting of Redan was held in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory with a renewed hope for low income Nigerian of a better and improving the access to an  affordable Housing, wealth creation and National Development as a theme of the meeting which was a timely  and imperative one, considering the present Challenges  of inadequate housing face by an average Nigerian.
 This no doubt was a basic agenda of the meeting that has in attendance the Association' s president who in his submission promises to collaborate with all relevant agencies of both private and Government in ensuring all Nigerian has an affordable Housing. Putting synergy together with federal Government , he hope Redan will definitely achieve it targeted goal and realistically fufil it's objectives. 

The Redan helmsman speaking further expressed hope considering the Association' year of experiences which according to him is twenty year in exciting , he therefore rooted his message on the key mandate of the AGM theme for this year 2023 as a possibility because the new Government has a vision toward this direction. He being the major stakeholder of the Association'
 The National president bears his mind on the essential of affordable housing, is majorly anchor on  Government given enabling environment to thrive and that all the members of Redan or real estate developer particularly are fully in tune with this vision.

Also  speaking to Newsmen at AGM meeting,  Engr Ahmed Salau, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ahmed Aso Investment, a company base in Kaduna state, gave an insight to their activities as a leaders in Redan, that at every AGM they gave account of their stewardship to the members for them to assess their performances base on what they early promised to do. He said that Ahmed Aso investment has gotten large land in Kogi State to build 600 (SIX HUNDRED) housing unit,  the hundred One bedrooms and 300 hundred 200bedroom flats  in the state  to be affordably access by both lover class and Government workers, he stressed further on all their project across Nigeria and African Country.

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