By Olamide W.Emmanuel

Jagunmolu Oluwatosin Tomori Willoughby the President General of the YORUBA GENERAL ASSEMBLY as usual made a clarion call to all Yoruba People in Nigeria and in the Diaspora to wake up to the divine arraignment of God to the race.

"The Curses on Yoruba race Broken by God"

Speaking at a diner in his honor by a Yoruba notable group ' EGBE OMO ODUDUWA' in Bauchi on Saturday,  Jagunmolu Oluwatosin Tomori Willoughby said it point blank that all Yoruba Obas, Leaders, Chiefs and the entire Yoruba Race should wake up now as the great  ODUDUWA is urging all his sons and daughters every where in the world to start regrouping into ONE NESS, UNITY and for a divine purpose.

He further stated that only in oneness that the race can supersede all the challenges facing it all these decades. He said" Yoruba General Assembly is a divine VISION from above under which all Yoruba people are to regroup and access the abundant  divine blessings of Olorun Oduduwa. The misunderstandings and rancours of love lost among the Omo Oduduwa are of great concerns. And these have in no small measure affected the progress of Yoruba race especially in Nigeria in terms of everything. Just as God visited the Isrealites so also is this divine call to Yoruba race to come together in one fold, in one voice to be able to achieve greatness as race. Please, do not forget that Yoruba race is a great one and needs not to be backward as we are for decades."

He also said " the Yoruba Royal fathers, Leaders and Chiefs are warned seriously to hacken to this clarion call. Any disobidence to further the regrouping  into a strong Unity, peaceful and progressive race may cause Yoruba Race another decades of pain and retrogressiveness. But I sincerely pray and wish us freedom and prosperities. ISOKAN OMO ODUDUWA! ODUDUWA A GBE WA O!"

The Chairman of the group Chief Eyini Samson, in their response urged the President General Assembly Jagunmolu Oluwatosin Tomori Willoughby to continue with the noble course to repositioning the Yoruba Race.

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